Sunday, May 10, 2020

Doubting Intuition

one who doubts is like the surf of the sea,
driven and tossed by the wind
James 1:6
To live one's life in fear and doubt, or with faith and trust – perhaps I am naive, but I choose the latter. I understand the universal principle that you get what you focus on; whatever you put out there always come back to you. I see absolutely no sense in being miserable because I cannot reach a point of confidence and decide that what I encounter in the world is true or not. That's where my instincts and intuition come into play. I trust them. I have faith that the deeper wisdom within me – the divine wisdom - is reading the world accurately.

Both fear and doubt are negative emotions, and neither has a place in my inventory of reactions. Doubt laden with fear is a killer of dreams, and there is absolutely no room in my expansive life for baseless caution.

Doubt is a counterproductive habit that may be learned as a child or it may be picked up throughout life from fear-mongering family, friends, or media. If we have a dubious nature we may either be unnecessarily suspicious or just plain lacking in confidence to draw any conclusion. Doubters are forever plagued with apprehension, worry, and over concern, wasting their valuable time and energy on nay-saying. Their biggest problem is that when they doubt, they project that doubt into the universal creative field. Whatever we send out comes back in the form of an identical reflection in physical reality. The reflection always affirms their doubt. It is perhaps the most sabotaging emotion one can have on the spiritual path to wisdom. It is counter-intuitive and holds the doubter back from happiness and growth. The doubter never has his or her feet firmly planted on solid ground, but may be moved this way or that by any passing circumstance.

Doubt is a really big obstacle to evolving as a human being. Our higher senses remain locked up as long as we doubt ourselves. If we doubt what we are hearing from that little voice within, we need to stop fearing and trust our intuition. The more we trust our intuition, the more it guides us where we need to be going and how we need to be thinking. It is a beacon that shines through all the fog in life. Have faith and trust where it leads.

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