Monday, May 18, 2020

Levels of Awareness

Right now we may be experiencing the greatest awakening of consciousness on the planet since the days of Atlantis. Everyone is feeling it. No one has escaped the current crisis. It is pretty incredible when you think about the scale of it. Now is the time that all of us have been waiting for, whether we know it or not.

There are three ways that people are responding to the significant changes we are experiencing in the world at the moment. These three levels of response are a good indicator of just how awake one is in their awareness of the larger picture. One's level of response has a correspondence with the variable dimensions currently being experienced on the earth at this time – the 3rd dimensional frequency, the 4th dimensional frequency, and the 5th dimensional frequency. The effect of one's vibrational response has an impact on one's frequency level.

The first level largely expresses in the third dimension. We all know 3D; that's where we live. It is a world of polarity – rich and poor, good and bad, right and wrong, ugly and pretty; colored by hate, fear, and attachment to the physical world. If you look around in your quarantined space right now, this is it. We can't necessarily get rid of the third dimension or we would literally not be existing on this planet. If you don't understand that it is really all just an illusion, and if you attach yourself too much to what is going on in this matrix reality, then you can get sucked into the anxiety and depression that lead to things that are not really in your higher interest.

Individuals who are stuck in the third dimensional frequency are generally the ones who are freaking out right now during this coronavirus crisis. If there is a silver lining to the epidemic it's that it is an event that is helping purge the fears of a lot of people. The greatest fear in all of this is the fear of dying. The crisis has had such a huge impact because most people have this fear of dying from the awful contagion.

Probably 90 percent of the human population is operating from this third dimensional frequency. They are attached to their lifestyle. They are also very attached to their personal identities, whether it is that of being a mom, or having a job, or a sports fan, or whatever. The big problem is that everything that those stuck in 3D have built their lives around is collapsing all around them right now. Every aspect of daily living has been disrupted and it creates this great anxiety and fear. Level one people are seeing their identities collapse along with the rest of the social fabric. It is really the death of their ego, and it shocks most people when they come face to face with it.

What we are witnessing today is the worst case scenario for most people in the world – the fear of losing everything, maybe even life. Many people are so attached to their world that they are allowing themselves to collapse with it; they can't handle the change; they just want everything to go back to the way it was. But this isn't the first time such a thing has happened. Throughout our lives we are constantly creating a new identity and then attaching ourselves to whatever it is that we are creating. Who you are now is likely not who you were years ago. Your old ego may have died a thousand deaths to reach where it is now.

When whatever you are attaching to collapses, what do you do? How do end the cycle?

The more work you have done on detaching from this physical reality, the easier it is going to be getting through this and moving on. If you've done the work, this is not going to impact you as much because you've learned to go with the flow.

The second way of responding to a crisis like we are experiencing is to first of all have compassion for those who are stuck in fear and really have no idea what is going on. Second level people are different in that they are not consuming so much media that does little more than perpetuate the falsity of what's happening. They are perceiving from a different perspective, call it the fourth dimensional frequency. People of this perceptive level are awakening, but they are not awakened yet.

Most of the rest of the 10 percent operate from this level. We've discovered that life is a journey of awakening that we seemingly will always be on. This is a weird in-between phase of awareness. Someone from this level doesn't necessarily agree with everything they are being told about what is going on. They put very little credibility in the mass media. They are not as attached to the physical reality we call 3D and they are exist somewhat of a step above all the fear. Things are still collapsing around them and life may still suck in a lot of ways, but at the same time they sense that something greater is going on. They feel it. This leads to questions. Their gut is telling them that something just doesn't figure anymore. Maybe it takes something like this mass event to awaken that part of us that stops and pays attention to the voice within.

When you get yourself out of this fear trap, you can begin to ask why this is all happening. What is happening is that more and more people who have never questioned anything in their lives are starting to question things. Second level people are the ones the media refers to as “conspiracy theorists” - the ones who turn down drinking the cool aid and suspect unseen agendas behind the curtain. These are the black sheep that go against the flow of the sheeple in the first level. These are the bah- bah- bad people, persecuted by the elite and media for questioning the prevailing paradigm.

The vibrational frequency of the planet is increasing, which is having a resonant effect on every living creature calling earth its home. Frequency varies from moment to moment. We all hold a certain level of vibration based upon what we focus upon. Many of us shift all the time between the third, fourth, and fifth vibrational dimensions. I like to think I have spent most of my life at a frequency that corresponds to the second level of questioning. But with the vibration of the planet pulling all of us up, I know that I am spending more and more time holding the higher vibration of fifth dimensional frequency. Far from being enlightened, I am confidently growing in that direction.

At the third level of perceptual response – fifth dimensional frequency – people are excited. Third level people know that all of this suffering and pain needs to happen in order for this epic and incredible awakening to take place. There are a lot of conspiracies out there that may or may not be fact-based, but a third level person doesn't perceive any of them as worth the energy to pass judgment on. They are removing themselves from polarity consciousness; it no longer matters whether something is right or wrong, good or bad, or what have you. A third level person is just happy that all of this is finally happening... after a long and patient wait.

Are people fearful, questioning, or showing uncontained excitement for what is happening right now? That is how you can quickly determine their level of spiritual awareness at this juncture of earth's ascentive process. I am excited and optimistic virtually all of the time. What is going on is why I signed up to come to earth at this time. Finally, the time has arrived, and I'm so excited to be a part of it.

I am generally maintain a state of great happiness, moment to moment, relatively unaffected by all the collapse and anxiety around me. Not very much is changed in my life. Life goes on as before as I mostly focus on my own joy – which for me is trail running, writing, playing guitar, reading, and watching old movies. Just being the best me I can be is my mission. But I as I seek my joy, I am always mindful of my responsibility to hold a fifth dimensional vibration while standing in this third dimensional field. That is my job in these days. That is my contribution to the great awakening and ascentive process. Namaste!

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