Monday, May 4, 2020

Obfuscation and Prevarication

We are being lied to. We are being misled. There are three very important numbers regarding the coronavirus that are be purposefully being obfuscated by official reporting sources, which is leading to incorrect conclusions about this disease. We are being manipulated at huge cost individually and collectively.

First, the death rate that is being reported is being inflated by correlation. It is medical fraud, essentially. Correlation is different from causation. People who are profoundly ill with some grave affliction like cancer or heart disease, who also contract the coronavirus and die, are counted as casualties of the coronavirus. Even people who die in auto accidents, who are tested after death for the coronavirus, become coronavirus death statistics. The coronavirus death rate is being artificially and disingenuously inflated. If we are going to be honest about reporting, it should be stated that in the overwhelming majority of coronavirus deaths, the virus is what is referred to as a co-morbid death factor. It was not the immediate cause of death, but merely present at the time of death, and thereby counted to create a larger perception.

The second area of obfuscation is the reporting of the confirmed cases number. By and large, the majority of individuals tested for coronavirus are already ill with the disease and showing symptoms. If you go to the hospital complaining of symptoms that are not coronavirus-related, the hospital does not test you. If you do have a milder form of the infection, you are not tested, and therefore not confirmed. This sort of selective testing drives the number down so that the authorities are under-reporting the incidence of infection in the general population. Statistically then, you end with a much higher, or inflated, death percentage. In this way the virus can be painted as more deadly serious than it actually is.

But the biggest misdirection of them all is the lack of focus on what is referred to as the asymptomatic carrier. In the case of some diseases, you find a very small number of individuals who become infected, but never become ill. Even though they show no sign of infection, they are, nonetheless for a period of time, contagious. A growing body of evidence indicates that for the coronavirus, this number is remarkably high. In fact, it may be one of the defining features of the coronavirus. People with normal to high-functioning immune systems are able to encounter a random virus, take it into their bodies, and defeat it – but, for a period of time they are still contagious.

With this coronavirus infection there are more individuals who are asymptomatic than individuals who show symptoms. If half of us fall into this category, and you figure that into the statistics, it skews everything. But so far, this important piece of evidence is being ignored by the authorities.

What does it all mean? First, it means that the coronavirus is wildly more contageous than is being reported. Many, many more people have been infected than we are led to believe. We are all exposed to a variety of viral and bacterial agents every year that we defeat before they ever make us sick. Second, while being far more contagious than we are being told, it is also far less virulent. So if you do become infected, you are less likely to fall ill. Thirdly, the hospitalization rate of those needing advanced medical care is much lower than what is being reported. And finally, the ratio of those that actually die of coronavirus infection is far lower than what we are being told. Some people die of the coronavirus infection, certainly, but a far larger percentage of those people would have passed away without the virus due to co-morbidity factors – other serious diseases and afflictions.

What to do, what to do! If you are already in a condition of compromised health, you should take every precaution advised so as not to catch this virus. The protocols of responsible behavior during a time of mass infection are good to follow, but not as necessary for those experiencing excellent health. No matter whether in good or poor health, generally, the most responsible thing a person can do is to work on taking better care of their health, especially in keeping their immune system functioning properly. This should be the most important lesson of this eniter event – self-responsibility is the best preventative.

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