Friday, May 22, 2020

Path of the Heart

Life is what we do with this journey. The way it turns out is really up to us. What we are facing in the world today is really just wrong behavior, and our tolerance of it. The world often doesn't seem to have much of a heart. How do we get away from all the wrong behavior? The answer is by taking the right path. But so many paths are being offered to us. Which path should we choose?

There are so many different movements that come into play – different ideas, different concepts, different systems. If you don't like the way things are, what's your idea of the way it should be? What's better about what you believe?

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with the system. We could make it work. All we really need to change is what's inside of each of us. If you can change what is inside, you change what is outside. It is not a matter of sitting down and meditating on the way you want things to be, awakening and finding the world is a much better place. It doesn't work that way. We each need to take the changes within and apply them to the outside world. That's why we signed up for this physical reality – so that we could participate! You exist – do something and make a difference.

If you apply your heart to every situation you find yourself in, you find you can effect change. It is our tolerance to wrong behavior that allows all of this to happen. It allows the system to do what it does. When we finally decide to look for a way out of this, we too often forget the main principle behind making change happen. There are lots of really great ideas, but if people don't change what is in their heart then it doesn't matter. We just end up back in the same spot.

If we change what is in our heart and change the way we interact with those around us, treat every person we come into contact with as we wish to be treated, then we change the world. We don't have to change anything else. The system has to change around us – if we choose the right path – and it has got to be a path of the heart.

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