Saturday, May 2, 2020

Poised Intensity

"Everyone sees the unseen
in proportion to the clarity of his heart,
and that depends upon how much he has polished it.
Whoever has polished it more sees more -
more unseen forms become manifest to him.”
― Rumi

One of the things I am personally working on improving is the quality of being more grounded, more fully present in any given moment, and centered. Only by having a more disciplined approach to focused intent can I be free of regretful thoughts, petty passing distractions, and future worries. Rather than setting aside time to sit quietly in solitary meditation, I open the gates and take a meditative stance in the calm or noise in every moment of the normal flow of life.

Perhaps my Zen training comes into play here, for I can find solace any time just by posturing my attitude to perceive any action or inaction as a meditative opportunity. Doing the dishes becomes a meditation. Raking the leaves becomes a meditation. Moving my bowels becomes a meditation. There is no occasion that passes that cannot be appreciated for its intrinsic value and joyful expression in the moment. I can quiet my mind and become a receiving station for the universe under any circumstance. Cultivating inner focus and detaching from the cumbersome details of everyday life then become a conscious choice.

By living from the center, without bias for up and down, right or wrong, now or then, I am always prepared with a pure response to whatever arises, with compassion and understanding. I stand in the calm while the storm about me rages, knowing love's eternal plan perfectly guides and controls all of life. I sit atop the mountain, poised intensely on the edge of infinity. As I open my heart, the distant horizon becomes more clear. More and more of the unseen realm comes into view. I am receiving more and more as I become more divinely attuned. Higher Mind increasingly dominates the landscape, within and without.

I only wish I could find the words to share what my opening heart is receiving. The view from the slopes and the valleys below offers only a hint of the perspective from the top. I beckon others to follow, to abandon the safety of the slopes and valleys, to take on the risks of going higher. Only a climber with heart can touch the sky. Words and photographs will never portray what will forever remain unseen by those unwilling to expend the effort to reach for a higher dream.

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