Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Meaning of Ascension

Given that everything is here and now, there is essentially no ascension to another level. We're already programmed for all levels and don't know it. We are already experiencing all levels, so there are no levels to attain to; none higher or lower; none greater or lesser. These are but linear concepts in a universe that is at once simultaneous and fused. We merely think of ourselves from the point of view of one particular level, or aspect – in our case, as physical beings in a third dimensional dense physical reality.

We are each, however, living within what could be called a personality construct. We have a body comprised of mental, emotional, and physical layers that are constantly in flux, ever changing. But our true essence is a vast spirit, a soulful presence with a consciousness that is eternal and infinitely expanding. No matter what form we take on, our consciousness goes with us and is ever evolving.

From our point of view, we have chosen to vibrate as a human aspect, but we can also simultaneously choose to vibrate as a soul aspect, as a group aspect, as a solar aspect, as a galactic aspect, or as a universal aspect, among unlimited identifying forms of expression. The totality of each of us is actually having many experiences on many different levels and dimensions at this moment.

Regardless of our perspective, we can always draw upon all that we need and require in the Earth dimension from every other level and expression of our existence. At the human level, we receive information from other levels of vibration in variable amounts, at different moments, as needed. It is our Greater Self that serves as an intermediary, distilling information from the spiritual realms in a way that we can understand and apply. There is much more influencing and interaction going on behind the scenes than we recognize, however. At no time do we have available to us anything less than an optimal level of spiritual support. All we need to do is remain open and stay tuned.

Ascension is then a matter of tuning. We may always make the choice to vibrate at a different “level” to express as a different aspect of the vastness of our being. The difference between our expression and that of a different “level” is only a matter of our rate of vibration. Like changing the frequency of a radio by moving the programming dial, we can entirely change the music at any time when we are ready. The radio will still be the same radio; the time will still be now; but we shall be dancing to an entirely different tune.

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