Sunday, September 6, 2020

Choose Wisely

Life consists of multiple timelines. We always have a choice as to which one we follow, and we can always change timelines and move in a different direction. There are two prominent timelines in our country right now. One timeline views Donald Trump as being on the side of humanity. The other is that he is not. The country is divided by those that focus on a belief that he is and those that focus on a belief that he is not.

We don't all share the same future in a world of multiple timelines. Your focus now will determine your future. You get what you focus upon. It's not philosophy. The world is all frequency. It's physics. As with a radio, you get the station that you tune to. Is it a pleasing station? Or is what you are tuned into frightening?

Admit to it or not, we all create our own reality. All of humanity is given this power. Will you choose freedom? Or will you choose fear? Will you choose hope? Or will you choose despair? Choose wisely. Your life depends upon it. 

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