Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Enemy at the Gates

Since April we seem to have had one foot in a different world than we have ever experienced before. We're all making our way through it as best as we can and will hopefully soon be out of it. But we, as a people, have lost something important as a result of the shutdown and restrictions – actually we've lost quite a bit because of the ensuing pandemic. We have lost our humanity. The authorities have taken our humanity from us. What may not be apparent to most people, however, is that this has actually been a very well planned out effort to dehumanize all of us as a people on planet Earth.

Actually, it is nothing new. The powers that be have been talking about doing this very thing for a long time, especially big corporations like Samsung, Google, and Apple. Companies that sell many of our favorite products and services are directed by people that have been, for a long time, trying to move the herd into a digital realm and a virtual world that really nobody has wanted to go into. They have been persistently trying to move us in that direction, but we have been resisting with every invitation, kicking and screaming. People don't like the virtual reality goggles – they make you dizzy, your neck aches when you wear them, and there is nothing to do once you get through the virtual portal. Silicon Valley is pushing all this because they think they can make trillions of dollars if we just buy into it. But people have flat out been saying NO.

Silicon Valley has needed, for quite some time, a really good reason to get everybody to forget about our face-to-face ways of doing things, cut back on all human contact, and just simply communicate through the virtual world. And guess what? They created the perfect mechanism with this plandemic (scamdemic) to get what they wanted. And the surprise to them was that they got what they wanted a whole lot faster than they ever imagined they could. Silicon Valley was shocked at how very little the herd cared about itself.

We all really need to take a hard look at what we have done to each other in just a few months. They've essentially led us to wipe out several thousand years of human civilization, and replace it with something that is completely fake, something that is angry, something that is simply non-human.

The media has fallen in lock-step with all of this because they are a part of the same mentality as those in Silicon Valley. The virus is only the latest arrow in their quiver. They've got artificial intelligence and technology, and now they have the media and Hollywood and an entire Deep State political contingent to move their agenda forward. But it is a non-human agenda and an all-out assault to strip humanity of everything that defines us as human – our spirituality, our religion, our personal identity, and personal contact.

The people that are enacting it – maybe they are aware of the underlying agenda or maybe they aren't – but the fact remains that they are all subscribing to this notion that in order for humanity to advance we have to dehumanize ourselves and turn ourselves into machines. That's their agenda.

It is scary that companies like Facebook and Snapchat have been encouraging us, especially kids, to create a cartoon version of ourselves online. They want us to identify less and less with our physical flesh and blood and identify more and more with a cartoonish character that we create ourselves that is entirely fictional. They know that when people do this, they become more of a controllable entity.

The term “avatar” used to refer to a highly spiritual being that comes to Earth with a message of love and righteousness to teach. But now Silicon Valley has co-opted the term and use it in somewhat of a mocking sense. They are saying that we can all be an avatar of our own creation online, and they encourage us to more and more identify with this better version of ourselves rather than the original physical version of who we are as a human being. Silicon Valley wants to completed redefine what is real. If they get what they want, we will all be cartoon versions of ourselves that exist exclusively online in their simulated version of reality.

They've done a very clever marketing job of making it all seem like so much fun. A con job is what it is. They are pushing us to create this avatar of ourselves that can do anything, be anything, look any way we choose. Characters are being generated from the imagination of Millennials at CGI companies that are completely fake with no basis in physical reality, yet they have over a million followers on Instagram. Probably half the followers have no idea that these characters have no reality beyond their digital existence. This is what is happening more and more.

Young people are increasingly wanting to change their physical appearance to make themselves look more like one of the fake characters that they've seen online – like a robot or a cgi character. I'm an old guy probably in their eyes and they'd probably say that I just don't get it, I guess. But somehow it doesn't seem copacetic that the future of humanity may become a world in which people turn themselves into machines.

God may have created the world, but Silicon Valley has come along and said they are going to one-up God and make humans more perfect, by their definition of perfection, by packing the human body full of technology. Bill Gates is chomping at the bit to come in with his quantum bits and tattoos and the mark of the beast and it looks, from my point of view, like we're heading more and more in a satanic or demonic direction with this kind of technological impetus and thinking. I am not longer optimistic about the advance of technology just because we can create something new.

Kids that think this is all just a bunch of fun have already been roped into this. Our children are being conned into believing that it is all just a game. But there are serious spiritual consequences to what these corporations are doing and with the mind games they are playing with our children.

Silicon Valley wants children to believe they are not just this flesh and blood being having a spiritual experience here on Earth. They want young people to accept that they are nothing more than just a collection of data. Our DNA is binary in nature. It is essentially data driven, and these corporations believe that can make a lot of money off of the data that we each generate every day of our lives. If Silicon Valley can coerce young people into abandoning any spiritual connection, they know they can do anything they want with us.

Tattoos do not sit well with a lot of us. The last time anyone did what Bill Gates wants to do was when the Nazis were marking Jews and sending them to concentration camps. We should all be very cautious when we think about letting them give us any vaccine and put the mark of the beast under our skin. This is a horrific scenario they have planned and we need to fight tooth and nail against it.

We're talking about the fate of the human race. We've culturally evolved to where we have put our fate into the hands of corporations and governments. The problem we face today is that if you speak out against them in any way, shape, or forum, they shut you down mercilessly and sanction you in unforgiving ways. We have an election coming up. Some of those running represent the agenda Bill Gates and his legion of techies are attempting to advance. Some believe it is inevitable human progress to give over more and more control in our lives to corporations and governments – to those few that know better what the herd needs than do we – and to merge our biology with the machines to make a better human for the future.

Then there are those who believe in the free will of the individual to make the best choices about his or her own destiny or fate. There should be little choice in a vote between freedom and giving over more and more control to government and corporations. America was founded upon principles of freedom. Most of us like that idea and are proud to identify with it. Those who would take them away forever are storming the gates of the kingdom. It is time we all stand together and turn back those who would deny us our true destiny.

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