Monday, October 12, 2020

New Day Dawning


As I take a deep breath at the dawn of another beautiful fall day, I sense that I am beginning to feel a stronger sense of balance in life. It’s as though the many different aspects of the world are merging together into something more coalescent and whole. This has been a long-time coming as the world has seemed scattered and fragmented throughout space and time for quite a while. I have stepped back from a great deal of the clutter and distraction in life in order to find some space to think about what is really going on and this has given me some much needed breathing space to seek out wisdom, understanding and a new sense of knowing.

I'm the same me, only renewed and refreshed, as though I am now more aware of myself, the universe and everything in between. I am finding the joy of living a more awakened and connected life: friendships feel richer, reading, writing, playing guitar, and running feel more rewarding, and being in the woods more has lightened my step. I am ready to live more consciously.

As I continue to turn towards the depths of my soul to find a deeper sense of connection, there is still a sense of fracture and chaos around as the world twists and turns with uncertainty. Yet, strangely, there is also a growing sense of peace and clarity surfacing as more and more people seem to be awakening. The more I try to make sense of what is occurring, the more complicated it becomes. However, with this deep breath I take, I realize that it’s also becoming simpler and clearer as well. So, it’s not surprising sometimes to feel caught in the middle of a conundrum of paradoxes, of spiraling complexity and simplicity, fracture and peace.

Life has never been straightforward, and although there is great uncertainty in the world now, there is also a growing sense of clarity, purpose and vision. It’s as though the chaos has awoken strength and stirred inaction into purpose. In many ways there is nothing we need to do, as this is about a state of being; a way of living. It can be frustrating when we don’t have clarity in terms of answers to the many questions we have about life, but it can also be an opportunity for leaning into the uncertainty in order to grow and evolve.

None of us can know exactly what resides around the next corner in life. We can try to avoid turning the corner or walking the other way, but this only delays the inevitable. We tend to see time as a linear force, but we can’t put the brakes on the great big clock of life whether we’re ready for it or not. It’s important to live in the moment and to embrace life as wholeheartedly as possible. It’s important to embrace the inevitability of the uncertainty and to channel this towards living more consciously and more courageously.

Turning to face the depths within takes courage and belief, strength and wisdom, and it also involves facing the many barriers within that we have previously placed there to protect or defend ourselves. Those barriers are not indestructible or impenetrable unless we want them to be, and when we yield to a deeper connection, we step beyond those barriers and boundaries, and feel a part of something much bigger and more glorious than we could ever imagine. There are no words to define this as language gives structure to something without structure, it just is; we connect, and we become.

Of course, we can’t just forget about those barriers within as we often need to heal and re-shape our beliefs. We need to learn to be tender and loving towards ourselves and to honor our pain rather than trying to push it away as it’s made us who we are today. It’s time for each of us to find ways to bring balance to mind, body and soul; to nourish ourselves from the inside out and to allow this love and compassion to flow freely from our hearts and souls.

We need to learn how to find peace in every moment, to live with the clutter and distraction of modern living but to not allow it to erode and corrode our true selves. Now more than ever we need to find ways of living simply, joyfully and lovingly as we focus on the things that truly matter. It’s not about things to do, people to see, or places to go; it’s surely more about how we feel, how we live and how we interact. It's about being happy, being peaceful and embracing life. About loving, honoring and being compassionate. It’s time to let the lights of our souls shine brightly. It is time to open our hearts and shine a light to aid others to find their way.

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