Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Door of Love

At every now moment we each have an opportunity or an option to choose love, compassion, and empathy. Imagine there is a door before us, and above the door it is written “The Door of Love”. We always have a choice to open the door and walk through... to raise the level of our vibration for not only our own benefit, but for all of humanity... especially for those that we don't like or agree with... that lead us to react with anger, hatred, or rage within. Wherever we find ourselves, it is time to begin to practice opening the Door of Love.

We are all moving – collectively – into a higher state of consciousness. Our bodies are already holding these higher vibrations. In the days ahead, we all have an opportunity to choose the higher state when we watch ourselves react with lower states of consciousness. We cannot just sit back and expect that we can ascend or automatically be raised to a higher state – we have to start to participate and choose. We need to watch ourselves closely – are we having a knee-jerk reaction when we feel anger, rage, or fear? Are we perpetuating the old consciousness that we wish to clear? Or are we clearing anger? Clearing hatred? Clearing rage? Clearing fear? Clearing stress? Clearing frustration? Clearing irritability? These are all characteristics of a lower state of being that are not going to be coming with us when we shift to a higher vibration.

We clear these negative emotions by feeling them, but not perpetuating them back out. It is okay that we have opinions, beliefs, and truths. But we need to become increasingly aware of our role in ending the cycle of negativity. We need to send back out a higher pulse of compassion: Love, empathy, unity, neutrality, understanding, presence.

In every now moment, we have an opportunity to be the observer. Note when you feel any emotion originating from a lower state of consciousness... but... choose to react from a higher state of consciousness. Whenever you FEEL from a lower state, choose to BE from a higher state. Don't ignore it. Just guard against a knee-jerk reaction and control how you respond from the place from which you are observing everything.

What is going on in the world right now is that the collective is busy clearing huge, very dense consciousnesses – hatred, rage, anger, disgust. These are emotions that are not coming with us into a higher state. Each of us has got to get clear on how we are BEING during this critical time of shift. The consciousness that right now is hoping and praying that the ailing president dies is a very low consciousness. Whether one agrees with this man or not, this reaction does not come from a higher level of awareness. What this is all about is moving into higher states of consciousness whether or not we agree with someone.

In the midst of these negative emotions, we each can choose the Door of Love. If we send out negative energy wishing the president dies of covid, we are perpetuating the same cycle of consciousness that we are here to clear.

As we watch everything unravel this month of October 2020 – and we can expect a whole lot to unravel – ask yourself “how am I feeling?” and “how am I being?” What am I projecting back out into the world and into the human collective? Am I assisting the effort to shift the human collective? Or am I perpetuating the consciousness that I came to this plane to help clear?

As we watch millions of people get more angry, more hateful, and more violent, the big question is “can we hold more love for them?” More compassion, more empathy, instead of playing along and perpetuating it? THAT'S WHAT WE ARE HERE TO DO. This is why this entire awakening is occurring right now. We have to go through this – wake up – open our eyes – stop being victims – and start being the observer and the creator – which means we choose. We choose how we are going to respond. Will we point fingers and create a larger divide or will we hold all of it and move forward with an open heart? Are we opening the Door of Love or shutting the Door of Love?

All of this is happening to allow us to see and feel the physical shift in consciousness and to begin to remember that we always have a choice. ALWAYS. Choose your beingness, no matter what you feel. Choose the higher state with compassion and love. These are uncomfortable times, but they will pass. We each have to do what we can to raise the vibration and end the cycle and the divide. Swing the Door of Love wide open and BE in a higher state as often as you can. Namaste.

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