Tuesday, November 3, 2020

An Awakened Collective is the Only Answer

Today is Election Day, a very contentious moment in time for a country on the edge, sharply divided by opposing world views; one that will establish the course of our destiny for a long time to come. Or is it destiny that shall guide the outcome of this election to guarantee the course we were meant to follow?

It is hard to resist getting emotionally involved with so much at stake. But that is exactly what we must resist if we are to succeed in coming out on the other side in any semblance of strength and unity. No matter what problem or issue we face at any time while we are here in this life, the solution will always be best accessed by those who hold a higher level of consciousness. At this critical moment, especially, we have to be vigilant about not getting sucked in to arguments or debates by people attacking us simply because we have a perspective that is different from theirs.

Now is an especially critical time for each of us to be choosing love over divisiveness, choosing spiritual growth over getting the right people into the right positions so they can promote an agenda more to our benefit. We should want people to be good to each other, certainly, to love and respect each other, but not because there will be a punishment imposed if they don’t; we should want people to be kind because kindness is what is in their hearts, and the only way to get kindness into someone else’s heart is to begin with kindness. It must begin with each of us.

Our spiritual beliefs as well as our political beliefs and ideological beliefs should all include the idea that ‘Kindness is important and something we must each foster.’ That should be what each of us holds highest in our belief systems. One won’t necessarily see immediate results when going out into the world with that sort of outlook, but when we practice a mantra such as ‘I’m just going to be kind’ over and over in our head and with our actions, eventually, we will begin to realize a remarkable change in the world around us.

No matter where we stand in terms of our beliefs, it should be obvious to everyone on the planet that not only is change inevitable, but change is necessary. Change will get us to where we want to be as a society, as a human collective. That’s why we must all rise above the fray of the moment, and see ourselves as the ones to be the change makers, to make a difference individually just by being unwilling to engage confrontationally with someone who is shouting at us just because of our differing beliefs.

Everyone can coexist peacefully on Earth while holding different perspectives. It’s very doable. It’s only when we’re feeling threatened by what someone else believes that it becomes less likely that we will find that peace. It is essential to guard against over-reacting and continue to show genuine kindness under all circumstances.

Those of us in the awakened collective are here to set an example for humanity, but not by saying to others that ‘These are the right beliefs over here, and if you join me in sharing my beliefs, we can save humanity'. Instead, it is incumbent upon each of us to always offer love and kindness first, with compassion and forgiveness for all – alike and different - to begin to sow the seeds of common ground that brings us together; to see how raising the level of consciousness within the human collective automatically smooths out our differences without anyone having to fight anyone else. Let us all rise above the hatred and the hate speech to carry our fellow sisters and brothers of varying perspectives into a higher level of consciousness along with us.

Now – this moment - is the time to rise up and rise above... because who else is going to do it if not you and me?  Namaste!

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