Thursday, November 12, 2020

Showing the Way

Since the day of my Near Death Experience in the summer of 1973, I have been aware that I have had a mission in this life that far exceeds the demands of day-to-day existence. Essentially, it is part of a collective mission to lead the way to peace, unity and equality for all of humanity. Some refer to those with such a high-minded mission as lightworkers. So it may be, but I certainly don't lead with that. There are a lot of lightworkers on the planet right now – tens of millions of us - so nobody is more special than anyone else. If there is any remarkable difference with lightworkers, it is that we benefit from seeing a bigger picture of the overall plan. Maybe it is easier to suspend judgement about what’s happening around us all, keeping the greater drama that surrounds us in a more appropriate perspective, and instead give love to those in need who are not able to bestow it upon themselves.

In these days there are many souls who are leaving this planet so that they can explore lower energies elsewhere, or to be reborn into new bodies to further help with the Shift as Earth imminently ascends in consciousness. Sadly, that equates to a lot of tragedy in the world as the Shift occurs. Unexpected death, accidents and conflict have increased significantly as of late, as those not ready to give up the low-energy frequencies move on to other incarnations where they can complete a specific soul plan - one that includes balancing polarity in their continued expansion. But if you get caught up in the drama and make these tragedies your main focus, you risk bringing more of it to yourself and to the collective through your own excessive focused intention.

As a lightworker, awakened to some degree to help show the way, I understand that many around me watch to see how I react. They always have. They follow my lead, so to speak, so I take my mission seriously and spend time to do the inner work necessary to expand my own consciousness to the next level. It is incumbent upon each lightworker to demonstrate more love, compassion, and patience than those around them who may still be asleep.

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