Monday, November 2, 2020

Time Traveler in the White House?

While I cannot explain how it all works, as beyond reason as it seems, somewhere deep inside my gut tells me there is strange validity to the notion that Donald Trump is able to peer into the future and already confidently knows the outcome of not only this election tomorrow, but of his role as leader not only of this country, but of all of humanity as he helps move the world toward a more peaceful and prosperous future of freedom and fulfillment.  There is some inexplicable connection that the Trump group has with  the ancient Looking Glass technology or the innovative advances of Nikola Tesla that is guiding his every move.  Somehow, someway, beyond all of our comprehension, HE KNOWS that he is destined to lead the world in a better direction. Donald Trump is a light worker of the highest level of energy and wields much more power than any friend or foe might imagine.  He will go down as not only one of the greatest leaders as president of this country, but as one of those people in all of history that made a quantum difference in the progress of the world.

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