Sunday, January 10, 2021

A Land Full of Love

A land full of love, color and surreal prosperity.
I am sad to see our world in a nocturnal way,
profoundly dark and dingy. The light
carried away by hatred and evil, riots and corruption.

Our earth, home, planet, safety net
of which makes us feel at ease… is struggling
with us and our loss of humanity.
Global error of sadness offering nothing
but forthcoming pain.

My mind is whipped to dust and my
soul is coping with internal pressure
to become something more than the world I see.
Once was a followed flower by many
shining stars, now a shell of once was.
Dull, gloomy and afraid.

I wish the rainbows would return
and we can live again, never to worry.
Not to ever lose hope and to
always make room for love and kindness to all.

by Amy Stewart

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