Friday, January 1, 2021

Gift of the Lesson

Around me I have seen a great awakening occurring through the past year. People are increasingly expanding their consciousness and rising to a greater understanding of the bigger picture. More and more people have embodied the power of the light that shines brighter and brighter to diminish the shadows in the world. I have had to abandon certain relationships, but I have taken on new relationships as well, becoming more aligned with new souls that carry the torch of truth and freedom. Despite the immediate chaos and confusion, I sense that the trauma is clearing as all around me a growing number of us become more and more empathic and compassionate toward all souls. More and more of us are listening to and trusting the voice within that reminds us that it is time to stand and be the difference.

There is a heaviness in the air, a certain saturation of energy we may feel as we pause before the final act is played out. We seem to have ground to a halt. Nothing seems to be happening. A strange quiet within, however, seems to be telling us that something big is about to happen in 2021... something very big, but something pregnant with surprise and possibility. It is there inside – we can feel it. We have pushed our load nearly to the top of the hill under much strain and duress. Now we take a breather to collect ourselves before we crest the top and begin the rapid acceleration down the other side.

Most of us are tired of the stress of the world. We don't really want to do any more work to see it through, but somehow we know we are not finished navigating the stormy maelstrom we sense lies ahead. We are worn out, but it is important to ask what is the greatest lesson for us right now. Whatever that is is the gift that will see us through in this new year... in this new world that we are entering.

Without judging it, without attaching to it, without trying to figure it out or make sense of it... can you reach out with your soul and see what lies immediately before you? Don't try to unravel it. If you just acknowledge it, maybe you will find that the universe is just asking you now to be different than you have ever been before. Whatever the new behavior or thought or experience it is inviting you to step into, that is what is going to carry you with grace through the dramatic changes that lie ahead in 2021.

Don't be discouraged. Stay focused. Grasp the lesson during this pause and allow your tank to refill so that you can continue giving when the world begins to lurch forward again. 2021 is going to be so quick and so accelerated; there is so much we are going to be impacted by on a global scale and in a personal way. If we have not re-energized during this time of pause, and caught our breath and recommitted to seeing this through to its conclusion, we are not going to be prepared once the world takes off.

We are all going to be called to show up and be of service to others who will need a hand up in the times ahead. So, are you ready? Have you measured the lesson in all that you have been through so far? Do you appreciate the gift you have been given? I hope so, because it is this gift that will allow each of us to break free from the past and soar to new heights in the wonderfully crazy days approaching right around the corner. Namaste.

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