Sunday, January 29, 2017

Suicide, and Hope for Our Future Selves

I was thinking about my dear friend Jim while running in the woods yesterday. Jim was my wife's only son who ended his life eight years ago after wrestling with his inner demons for a long time. I miss his company and think about him often, still. Like probably everyone, I have had occasional encounters with the suicide of friends and acquaintances and celebrities known to all and strangers. The ones that stand out most in my memory were the three attempted suicides that I prevented when I was a high school teacher. I sometimes wonder if those three students are still with us; I wonder if showing them that someone cared at just the right time made a lasting difference; I wonder whether they grew to become fulfilled, happy adults.

Young people may be the most vulnerable among us, and the most precious when we lose them to suicide. I have read that suicide claims more young lives than accidents and that suicide is a greater cause of death among soldiers than battlefield mortality. It seems a sad waste, yet I think most of us can probably identify with the desire to end it all at some point in life. I have suffered occasional bouts of depression and have become despondent at times, wishing I was anywhere else but where I was. The thought of returning to that peaceful mystery from whence I have come has occurred to me on several desperate occasions, but a general fighting lust for living has always stood in the way of entertaining such thoughts seriously. I love life, but I also relish the struggle, the suffering, and the pure sensations that shower me daily through my mind and senses in this abundant incarnation. I think the thing that would stop me from exiting this life prematurely, more than any other, would be an understanding of how suicide would hurt the people that love me, and others that I know as well. Suicide seems selfish in that regard, so I choose to stick around and live through every challenge, no matter how difficult, for myself and for the other people in my life.

What can we say about helping others achieve this same perspective? I sense that there are people in my circle today that entertain the notion of suicide. Just today I read where a young girl hung herself live on Facebook. But just what can one do or say to help those in a moment of personal crisis to live through their overwhelming dificulties and not abruptly and tragically end it all?

A great many people who think about suicide claim that it is because they think they are a burden; they've been depressed for awhile, maybe they've had a humiliating blow in life - a breakup in a relationship, trouble at work, some embarrassing legal challenge. They think very poorly of themselves at the moment. What anyone contemplating suicide needs to understand is that suicide is an exponentially greater burden to those left behind. The person thinking about suicide is not thinking about the effect on those left behind - not just family and friends that get hit the hardest, but people at a distance that may only have some vague connection. It's not just grief and the sense of irreversible loss; people are left empty, often feeling guilty thinking about what they might have done to make a difference. Then there is the anger at those who left you without saying goodbye, the selfishness of it, followed by guilt over that anger. A whole cycle of emotion may carry forward for years, even a lifetime, in the wake of a suicide. That is the unforeseen legacy that suicide leaves.

The message we must convey to anyone we know who may be lurking in the shadow of suicide is: Your staying alive means so much more than you may be aware of at this moment. We are all in this together in some unfathomably profound way. Take strength from that. Suicide may seem like an individual matter right now, but because of our interwoven, enmeshed personal connections, not a one of us in apart from the rest. When you die, a part of each of us dies. You owe it to other people and to your own future self to stay. We all have ups and downs; we fall in love and we lose love; why let the lowest of moments cut you off from experiencing the happy times your future self will have? Remind your down mood that the happy mood is still there within, waiting to return. Suicide is always impulsive, and if you can just get past it with some sort of conceptual rationalization in your head you will be able to continue through the worst of personal challenges. None of us can know just how much we mean to other people and none of us can know what wonderful things our future self will experience. To continue to live is an act of courage. Be brave. For now, just stay.

Historically, society has both demonized suicide and celebrated it as a moral freedom. Rather than look it it from the perspectives of morality or as a right, perhaps we should combat it from the standpoint that we all have an essential need for each other. When I was in college I read a lot of existential philosphers, many of whom took their own lives as a measure of total control. Among those writers was Albert Camus. In his book, The Myth of Sisyphus, he postulated that there is really only one philosophical problem we each need to address in life: the question of suicide. Camus said that life is absurd, there is no outer reason to keep on living, but he also said that suicide is the wrong choice. Life is worth living and just when you think that now is time to exit, it is worth sticking around to see just how it is all going to play out. He argued that we all need to have some respect for our future self who is going to know things that we don't know right now. We CAN embrace the weird side of life; we don't have to make everything right and reasonable. We need to stop trying to dot all the i's and stop expecting everything to be fair. Camus' advice was to embrace the absurd and be interested in the unseen future. When people read The Myth of Sisyphus, what most get out of it is an inevitable identification with the character of Sisyphus, imagining him being happy. It has been of remarkable help to many people in helping them find an alternative to suicide. I'll always wish Jim could have found the happiness of Sisyphus.

from "No Hemlock Rock" by Jennifer Michael Hecht

Poison yourself, it poisons the well;
shoot yourself, it cracks the bio-dome.
I will give badges to everyone who's figured
this out about suicide, and hence
refused it. I am grateful. Stay. Thank
you for staying. Please stay. You
are my hero for staying. I know
about it, and am grateful you stay.

Eat a donut. Rhyme opus with lotus.
Rope is bogus, psychosis. Stay.
Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus.
Dare not to kill yourself. I won't either.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

the End of War

The battle lines have been drawn with the new administration of Donald Trump now firmly installed. Surrounded by the formidable leadership of Marine Generals Kelly, Mattis, and Dunford, Army General Flynn, and a cadre of other disciplined military commanders and corporate heavyweights, Mr. Trump has pulled together a military-industrial team to take on the longstanding foe of humanity variously referred to as the cabal or ancient bloodline families, largely controlled by the Rothschild family. The two sides may be best distinguished by those who control the guns versus those who control the butter (money supply).

In terms of nation-states, the United States are aligned with Russia, Japan, and Korea against China and Germany, still controlled by the Rothschilds at this point. The gauntlet was recently laid down in the inaugural address by Donald Trump on January 20 on the one side, and in a speech by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the Davos bloodline love fest on January 17 on the other. Trump attacked globalism as the underlying cause of decline in the United States while Xi supported the globalist agenda which gives greater voice to developing nations and climate change. As the greatest beneficiary of globalism, China now offers protection to the bloodlines against the backlash from assault from the West.

A global war or any sort of existential struggle between civilizations in no longer likely to occur. Instead we are likely to see reasonable bargaining positions laid out by both sides in advance of final negotiations for setting up a new, improved system of running the planet. With war being taken off the table, the world is moving to a better place. The Asians want a bigger voice in the non-European world, while the West wants their industry and middle class to be rebuilt in exchange for the release of technology hidden from the rest of the world by the bloodlines. A win-win solution can likely be reached without too much table pounding and shouting.

The shouting that will occur will be within the United States itself as the new administration quickly moves to purge its institutions of bloodline influence. The enemy within is being exposed and brought to accountability under the direction of the new CIA director Pompeo. The Trump presidency is only days old but already 13 million pages of documents have been disclosed by the CIA in an initial effort to accelerate full disclosure. The CIA knows that the military is behind Trump. It has been served an ultimatum to cease and desist all affairs related to drug and arms running, child trafficking, droning, lies, dirty tricks, political corruption, and subversion, and to direct its complete focus on human and open source intelligence for the benefit of the U.S. government, and to provide counter-intelligence on rivals and Israel, or else. There is no wiggle room on this directive. The Trump military government also plans to force military contractors like Boeing and Lockheed Martin to cut fraud, waste and abuse with a real possibility that these companies could be nationalized like in Russia to protect and preserve proprietary and sensitive knowledge affecting national security.

The apprehension of cartel kingpin and the CIA’s Mexican henchman Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, coinciding with Trump's rise to power, is a clear signal that there is a new sheriff in town and things are going to change. It has been reported that Guzman is spilling the beans about where all the secret Nazi faction drug money is flowing. Such aggressive measures are not going unnoticed by the cabal as it is upping the ante by financing and organizing anti-Trump demonstrations around the world as a counter-measure. Their use of the mass media to wage psychological warfare against Trump has increased, but will likely be short-lived.

George Soros seems to have been resurrected by the Rothschilds as their point man, but sources in high places continue to confirm that Soros was assassinated prior to the election and that the cabal's threats are little more than the saber rattling of ghosts. The technology to make a person appear real in a video is well established. Several prominent world leaders and personalities have continued to live on through their doubles long after their demise. The layers of lies behind the lies should make all of us suspicious about anything presented as real with everything from JFK through 9-11 and beyond.

War is being forced to an end on planet Earth. Donald Trump is a far larger player in our progress toward peace on this planet than his detractors can imagine. There are various timelines converging right now, and when that convergence is complete we will have full disclosure, or at least partial disclosure initially. Disclosure of what, you ask? How about everything that has been concealed or suppressed by the powers that be and the cabal in its efforts to control the advancement and happiness
of the human population. In a short take - more than the average person can conceive!

Friday, January 27, 2017

a Little Revolution Solves a Great Many Things

Every four years we head to the polls to vote for a president with the aim in mind that whoever wins has the best interests of the country in mind. It seems that no matter who is elected, however, regardless of party affiliation, someone soon after cries foul or initiates some conspiracy theory. But whoever we elect is exactly who we deserve because we are the ones who elected him. After the new president takes over, no matter the outcome, people inevitably resort to denial and claim that they are not the ones responsible for the resulting morass of stupidity that comes out of Washington.

Donald Trump was elected by the same rules we used for the last president, as well as the presidents before him. The rules are clear and understood by anyone who wants to examine them. It has always been known that you can win the presidency through the Electoral College without a majority of the popular vote. The system was established the way it is to avoid mob rule by a majority, currently residing along both coasts, which could run roughshod over the balance of people living in the smaller interior states. We the People have never directly elected the President of the United States, and until the Constitution says otherwise that's the way it is.

Donald Trump is perfectly representative of the people, however, a perfect symbol of what America has become. He says what he thinks and changes his mind regularly, so some call him a liar. But we all do the same thing and might as well admit to being a part of a culture of liars, so why is it so repulsive that we have elected someone just like the rest of us? His predecessor was a liar, as was the president before him. If you are outraged at this behavior, you haven't been paying attention. Bad behavior should not make anyone outraged these days. We are overwhelmed by it daily with the endless flow of real and so-called "fake" news on the Internet. In a culture that has been losing its moral and ethical compass for quite some time, there is no longer any limit to what can be said or done. If we are troubled by this, it is because we have lost our own connection to an actual vision or overall meaning of what it means to be American.

So we should all take a moment and thank Donald Trump. He is no more than a reflection of who we are right now as Americans. His election should make us all begin to become more aware that we need to be more than a nation of political parties, more than just messengers of a short-term tweet, more than liars, more than cheats. We need to wake up and see ourselves for who we really are as a nation and for who we can be. We get the government that reflects who we are; we get the government that we deserve. The revolution must start within each of us. We cannot demand more of our leaders than we demand of ourselves. Go take a look in the mirror the next time you complain; that is where the revolution must begin.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

the End Game

There is an entirely new kind of political movement coming that is not political party based. It is led by a renegade outsider, Donald Trump, an independent operator who is not a part of the problem. Despite his many character faults he’s probably the most free and independent-thinking man to reach this high office since John Kennedy. Hillary Clinton was the blow horn of the multi-corporate cabal behind the collapsing systems and values in America. She was the face of Fascism's latest wave since World War II and her election would have meant World War III, which we now seem likely to have averted.

All of this yelling and screaming in a day-to-day drumbeat of unsourced stories about Russian hacks, golden showers, pussy groping, all single-pointed and negative litanies against Trump, is meant to condition and prepare the American people for his destruction. As a serious threat to end the US corporate perpetual war market, if they can’t get him to play by their rules they will try to destroy him. But the truth is that if there is going to be a dramatic turn to the high side it will be because of this man holding his ground. You may be against him, but try to love him. He may be this country's last best hope to return to the values that made this country the beacon of light that it is. Confront him with issues but deal with your negativity in private.

Trump is already engaged in a serious confrontation with the deeply entrenched cabal pursuing a New World Order behind the mask of “Republican” or “Democrat” aimed at fooling all of us into thinking there’s a democracy in this country. The cabal still in large part controls the major organs of power of our country, including the fourth estate news media whose aim is to make we the people misinformed-stupid, make us uncritical thinkers, running on irrational emotions bouncing off the walls like the people seen on the streets during the past weekend's Women's March. The shadow powers behind it all just love seeing such negativity and manifest fear. That’s how they’re taking our power and our Republic away from us - because so many of us feed at the trough of the fake mainstream news outlets.

One by one the American citizen is losing the last channels on mainstream television where critical or alternative views can be expressed. The source of this dumbing down and numbing out of objective inquiry is a long-term process meant to reduce people into intellectual “serfs” of a new kind of Neo-Feudalism. A small, incredibly wealthy minority want to rule over all sovereign nations and elected leaders who are meant to be more blow horns of business interests than representatives of we the people. Donald Trump has thrown a major wrench into their ambitions in the United States. Along with other contrary political victories across the globe a solid front of populist nationalism has ratcheted globalist momentum to a grinding halt. There is danger ahead. The future political battles will not be fought between parties that differ in name only, but between the elite of the cabal and we the people they seek to control and dominate.

The first battle between the cabal's media shamelessly and openly biasing their news against Trump and completely for Hillary, with such venom as to totally obliterate Trump, is over, and Donald Trump has prevailed against all odds. Looking at their attack on him was like watching wild dogs attack a lone warrior. His coup over the media dogs has turned back the globalist tide of the New World Order for the time being, but it is a long way from being beaten into submission. The war is far from over. While Trump is an obstinate strong man, perhaps even divinely inspired, he will need the support of all of we the people to empower him in this movement to finally deliver a victory for all of us in this nasty engagement.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Fear and Loathing Across the Fruited Plain

I have friends that voted for Hillary Clinton and I make no bones about the fact that I wanted Donald Trump to win, largely out of a revulsion for the arrogance and criminal disregard of Hillary Clinton. With some of these friends I can have a reasonable ideological discussion of differences; with others I question whether they've ever had an original thought in their lives. I am astonished at the capacity for hate that some people have, especially those leaning progressively liberal  in their thoughts. It seems their poor jumbled up, nonsensical thoughts all seem organized by hatred. Some of these "friends" have mysteriously disappeared from my life, shunning me, apparently for being responsible for the outcome of this election. I concede to the allegation wholeheartedly, but regret the loss of these friends. When the topic arises among other Trump voters I find that many of them are having the same experience. It is like a line has been drawn and you are either on one side or the other. I've never witnessed this level of animosity before - brother against brother, husband against wife, and children against parents - like during the Civil War.

I cannot begin to understand the gleeful fury on the faces of women demanding that no one interfere with their “right” to murder their own unborn child, like we witnessed during the Women's March after the inauguration. Why is this hate and rage the standard response from those on the left? Why don't we see riots of a bunch of white guys demanding that hands be kept off their guns? Why are there no mass marches of people who have worked and paid taxes all of their lives demanding an end to subsidizing the willful idleness of people on public assistance and recent illegal immigrants? Decent, life-loving people will march for life, but they don’t riot for life.

So I must question why Trump is evoking such an emotional, angry response in such a large portion of the population. I don't think it is his policies, so it must be his personality. Or is it? There is something about the man, apparently, that frightens some people. Trump is a tough guy and does not take to being bullied. He is a strong and dominant father figure, with a reputation for having a big heart, very generous, thoughtful, and giving to those in need, when he doesn't have to. The hungry media couldn't find anyone that has known him to legitimately come forward and say anything bad about the guy. His words are not frightening - they are more like cliches - emptying the swamp, restoring power to the people, make America great again. I see a lot of playful humor in his oratory and verbal attacks on the status quo. He is very serious about bringing about positive change in this country, but he is mostly amusing in his presentation, so what is everyone so fearful of?

I really do not think that any fear of what Donald Trump may do or who he is or what he may say are the driving forces behind the anger. Donald Trump serves no more than a taunting catalyst for angry response that lies in wait, ready to spring. I am more inclined to believe that the left is by and large a group of angry people, mostly angry at themselves, angry about life, ready to show rage at the smallest of affronts. Their preferred candidate losing the election may have been the largest shared affront to this group ever perpetrated, considering that the world has been tilting in their favor for the past thirty years since Reagan. Such an event must have absolutely shattered the worldview of those with such an angry outlook. Their anger and intolerance are far more destructive than anything that will result from the Trump presidency. My advice to anyone on the left: Don't take yourself so damn seriously.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Returning to the Emptiness of Truth

The modern world has become obsessed with accumulating stuff. It should come as no surprise that we are this way. Evolving through long periods of not having enough, early humans would hoard food and other resources as a matter of continued survival as they wandered day after day across sparse environments. In a modern world of abundance and managed resources most of us no longer need to lay away stores against a possible future of want, but we still do. Today we go far beyond merely saving food and firewood, however. We accumulate an endless variety of stuff.

Stuff originated with the creation of idols created from wood, earth, and metals that held great spiritual significance for their owners and the community. In time these revered objects became more important than the energy they represented. Dreaming took on a morbid obsession with creating. Whatever we dreamed, we demanded to create by our own ingenuity to enjoy in our everyday reality. Great cities arose out of dreams. Magnificent structures, alters, and temples were dreamed up and constructed to honor the gods. Before this obsession with manifesting our dreams into physical reality the ancients understood the mystery and that which is unknown without a need for words or structures of idolatry. Instead of humbly honoring the creator as the mother of all life, the builders of dreams became obsessed with the technology of spirit and representations of the unknown instead of the mystery itself. The creative energy behind it all was there before the first holy edifice or church was ever built in its honor, and remains ever there to celebrate without words or sacraments.

The infinite mystery of our ancestors was replaced by the hero, the gods and goddesses, and the creative representations that came to be idolized. The greater the number of statues and idols, the greater the need to defend them against outsiders. As the need for defense grew, so did the increased need for defenders and a power structure to lead and direct the armies. As power structures grew in their influence, more demand was placed upon the people to support the few in power with increased wealth. Ultimately, the power mongers became associated with the gods our ancestors had only ever seen in dreams before.

Laws became the only way to control tyrannical despots. While tyrants have always been among us, the limits of law have afforded the people certain freedoms to create on their own and possess the things of their dreams. And so innovation and technology blossomed and proliferated. Petty tyranny spread down through society in the form of mercantilism. What a man could create he could own, but he could sell or trade his creation to another man if he chose, under the terms of the petty tyrant. "Mine" became the new mantra as tyranny spread throughout society from the corporate gods to the home owner behind locked doors. Whether a bank mogul or a small business owner, all began to act out of the same obsession with the original model of eternal control over the most sacred of things - stuff.

We have forgotten the distant sacred past, hidden under a pile of objects we convince ourselves that we really need. Our ancient connection to and celebration of the infinite has become lost in our reverence for the gods of stuff that leave us with a wondering emptiness. Consider what we would be and we could do without all the stuff. What could we really do, create, and be?

 Look at a favorite cup that you drink your coffee from. You probably have a whole kitchen cabinet full of cups - some hand crafted, most probably mass manufactured. Cups line the shelves at the thrift store, from beautiful to ugly, and may be had for pennies. Once pottery was a very sacred act of creation, at the level of the gods. So much so that to place anything into a cup and smash the cup was a gift to spirit itself because the creation of it was alignment with the very gods themselves. Smashing is no longer sacred, and now we hold onto our favorite cups with a obsessive possessiveness. Cups are but one thing we accumulate. Consider all the rest of the stuff we collect.

Art, like any creativity, is a dance with the sacred. We have become obsessed with the production of our stuff, over our perception of what is behind all of creation. Art can point the way to the wordless truth. Even words themselves, when aligned with silence, can hint at the mystery behind it all. But we must be willing to destroy before we can create, empty the cup before we can fill it again, point to the moon without getting lost in the finger, leave the temple and seek out the emptiness of truth.

Monday, January 23, 2017

the Women's March

Women's rights and left-wing activists took to the streets of Washington D.C. and other major cities across the country, following the presidential inauguration, in a Women's March of protest. Other than being in disagreement over the rise to power of Donald J. Trump, or denying women one of their own in the White House, there does not appear to be much substance to what they are protesting. Being a man I mostly keep my mouth shut about such matters. There are better things to rise up in arms over. If women are mistreated in any way in this country and around the world it is by Muslims under Shariah law. This objectionable treatment of women should not be tolerated by either gender of American. But the Women's March made no sense to me other than as a galvanized display of pent up hormones and gender narcissism. So I remained silent in my expression... until reading the sentiment below, which probably better reflects the quiet attitude of the majority of women living in America than the noise heard in the streets. So I share it.

I am not a "disgrace to women" because I don't support the women's march. I do not feel I am a "second class citizen" because I am a woman. I do not feel my voice is "not heard" because I am a woman. I do not feel I am not provided opportunities in this life or in America because I am a woman. I do not feel that I "don't have control of my body or choices" because I am a woman. I do not feel like I am " not respected or undermined" because I am a woman.
I AM a woman.
I can make my own choices.
I can speak and be heard.
I can VOTE.
I can work if I want.
I control my body.
I can defend myself.
I can defend my family.
There is nothing stopping me to do anything in this world but MYSELF.
I do not blame my circumstances or problems on anything other than my own choices or even that sometimes in life, we don't always get what we want. I take responsibility for myself.
I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend. I am not held back in life but only by the walls I choose to not go over which is a personal choice.
Quit blaming.
Take responsibility.
If you want to speak, do so. But do not expect for me, a woman, to take you seriously wearing a pink va-jay-jay hat on your head and screaming profanities and bashing men.
If you have beliefs, and speak to me in a kind matter, I will listen. But do not expect for me to change my beliefs to suit yours. Respect goes both ways.
If you want to impress me, especially in regards to women, then speak on the real injustices and tragedies that affect women in foreign countries that do not that the opportunity or means to have their voices heard.
Saudi Arabia, women can't drive, no rights and must always be covered.
China and India, infanticide of baby girls.
Afghanistan, unequal education rights.
Democratic Republic of Congo, where rapes are brutal and women are left to die, or HIV infected and left to care for children alone.
Mali, where women can not escape the torture of genital mutilation.
Pakistan, in tribal areas where women are gang raped to pay for men's crime.
Guatemala, the impoverished female underclass of Guatemala faces domestic violence, rape and the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS after sub-Saharan Africa. An epidemic of gruesome unsolved murders has left hundreds of women dead, some of their bodies left with hate messages.
And that's just a few examples.
So when women get together in AMERICA and whine they don't have equal rights and march in their clean clothes, after eating a hearty breakfast, and it's like a vacation away that they have paid for to get there...
This WOMAN does not support it...

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jesters in the Court of the Mighty King

I cannot be an effective human being if I am angry, fearful, or am carrying a chip on my shoulder all the time. I have judgments, ego, fears, and mind-games, sure, just like anyone else, but there’s a difference. Something inside of me is awakening that helps me step back and watch everything from a higher perspective. I increasingly find it easier to step back from my usual time-worn mindset and be thoroughly entertained by the ego-movie we all run on the screen of our consciousness. If you can simply sit back and watch the show, you become more and more aware of yourself as living in this wonderfully divine cosmic movie theater, munching on karma popcorn and sucking down Samsara soda pop, observing how the unconscious givens, biases, and deceptions of the mind entrap us all in opinions that do not illuminate our true being-ness.

A lot of folks just aren’t ready to look dispassionately at their programmed and self-identified minds and personalities. They still love the rattling sound of their judgmental chains and the lock-and-key clang of familiar mind prison bars when the steel door of their own ego judgment slams shut. I love to rattle the cage of those playing with their balls, clanging their own chains of identity, opinion, and mindlessness to help them become witnesses to their own foul habits, and by their witnessing, pray that they wake up and that their habits fall away, replaced by a new and luminous clarity. By rattling your chains and shaking your cage, I just might stir you to become aware of your own imprisonment. It is always good to start a real journey toward truth by exposing one's own personal psychic reality, anyway.

Everywhere I look, I see people gullible enough to believe heaps of bullshit that the mainstream news is dumping into their brains. If there is an American plague that is out of control it is a lack of intelligent, skeptical inquiry that has been used against all of us by the nefarious powers that be that aim to lead us all to the brink of Armageddon. We are no more than incarnate beings, after all, you and me, trapped in the cycle of birth and death, dreaming we are real human beings when we are really no more than walking zombies in a nightmare of our own creation. Yet in all that dreaming, going round and round the wheel of life and death, some of us just might awaken to a new world that is not a dream at all.

It is quite a cosmic joke, is it not? We hate in others what we hate about ourselves and don’t even know we are doing it... except on very rare occasions of true self-observation and enlightenment. Once you catch yourself, all you can do is smile with humility at your own frail humanity. We must all learn to laugh at ourselves more and not take ourselves and the world so seriously. Be fair and balanced in this climate of unsubstantiated opinion prancing around as fact. We’re all hilariously screwed up - admit it - ego-juiced, projecting our unsubstantiated opinions as fact. But some of us do grow in wisdom to understand that we are, all of us, really only jesters in the court of the mighty king. I hope you too will become one of those awakened clowns someday.

Friday, January 20, 2017

the Color of Anger

Race is still an important factor is all of our lives in the US. We have not been allowed to admit it, however. But under the surface is a deeply seated anger and distrust. Blacks are angry that they do not seem to be making progress as a whole toward the American dream. I can feel it whenever I move around in my own community. In my little town in North Carolina there seems to be no racial tension whatsoever. Folks get along. But you can feel the underlying anger, but it is never made personal. Neighbors here are more alike than different, and you see more smiles and good humor than frowns and resentment. Many whites are angry that blacks seem to be behind much of the violent crime in the larger communities, denigrating our schools and neighborhoods, playing the victim card instead of taking responsibility and making the effort to lift themselves up the economic and social ladder. Many whites see blacks, not as victims, but as their own problem.

Blacks as a race have been subverted and mistreated in this country for a very long time - slavery, rape, murder, unforgivable repression. Blacks have every right to be resentful of whites. If both races share any common ground, it is that each resents being pushed around. Blacks still far too often feel like second class citizens, while whites are tired of being pushed around by the "rights" of non-whites dictated by recent elite governance. So everybody is angry and nobody has been doing anything to address the anger, certainly not the recent administration. 

The media continues to parade stories designed to make black people feel not just conflicted but furious. Race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson continue to receive prominent attention to keep black anger focused and hot. Then there is the perennially angry Congresswoman Maxine Waters, as well as many other representatives of Congress, both black and white, who continue to see everything in terms of race, gender, and class, in that order. Behind the recent rise of racial tension in the US is none other than Mr. Obama himself, who never missed an opportunity to whip up anger over race any opportunity that he could.

In the words of a black man about our black president: "Obama has set race relations back fifty years. When a black man kills a cop, he lectures us about having guns, and tells blacks it's wrong to kill, but he knows how they feel. (He might as well just skip the "it's wrong" part). When a cop kills a black suspect, he lectures us about having guns, and tells the rioting blacks he knows how they feel. He rarely speaks of his adopted hometown of Chicago's obscene murder rate, never mentions that it's blacks killing blacks, and lectures us about having guns, even though he knows Chicago has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

He was silent when the "knockout game", and the flash mob attacks on businesses happened. He could have helped decrease blacks killing the cops, and the rioting by angry blacks, when a cop kills a black suspect, by speaking approvingly of law and order, and telling rioters that the violent behavior they're exhibiting will not be tolerated, and that it only begets more violence and hatred, but he didn't. He could have spoken out frequently and clearly about how much he supports law enforcement, but he didn't. He could have, for the love of G-D, flipped a switch on National Law Enforcement Day, and lit the White House blue, but he couldn't even show that much support. He has systematically, purposefully, spitefully, and maliciously given sympathy and aid to the criminal bad actors in the black community. He has by word, and lack of action, let them know he does not disapprove of their crimes, and by his silence, showed that he, in fact, felt like the victims deserved what they got. He is despicable. Thanks be to G-D, he's only got a few more days, to try to ruin America. It will take President Trump and many others a long time to ameliorate the damage this narcissistic evil man has wrought."

May we all give the new president, on this day of his inauguration, the benefit of the doubt and trust that a man who does not see himself as a victim better understands the potential for mending race relations than a resentful one who does.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Spreading the Manure of Climate Change

There has been a pause in global warming for almost twenty years now, acknowledged even by the staunchest global warming advocates, despite a rise in overall carbon dioxide emissions. None of the major climate models predicted this. Climate modelers have been perplexed as to why the predicted increase in carbon dioxide that has occurred has not resulted in the predicted higher temperatures. There are hundreds of models that offer no explanation of this unexpected variation.

With the advent of low-cost, powerful computers, everyone is building a mathematical model in an attempt to predict the future of earth's climate patterns. The only way to test the predictive ability of these models is to compare their predictions against the observed data. The weather that is being observed is telling us the models are wrong. Essentially, the assumptions used within the elaborate mathematical models for predicting global warming are being invalidated.

The fact that all these models have been refuted, all with the same contrary implications, indicates that one or more major variables being used is incorrect, or that they are the result of errant human bias. Model building is a fundamental tool for creating weather predictions. The planet's weather is enormously complex, yet with input of a broad enough range of data, useful models should be able to be generated. Aside from obvious political bias and apparent unscientific data distortions in some of the models, the over-looming discrediting of the bulk of them is the result of a failure to temper them with historic reality.

A quick look at historic weather data confirms that weather and climate on earth are cyclic events. People are endlessly surprised by some unusual weather, geological, political or economic event, often with the erroneous assumption that such a thing has never happened before. This lack of historical perspective is not confined to the uneducated public, but even experts in weather and climatology do not know the history of their own disciplines. The six-year drought in California has seemingly been brought to an end with one major storm within the past week, much to the surprise of weather forecasters, journalists, and politicians. But historic evidence shows that California has received regular floods of such proportions, albeit every 100 to 200 years, and that they usually follow extended periods of dry weather. Nothing new here. It has nothing to do with the politically-manufactured crisis of global warming.

The pressure for human bias is understandable. Nearly all climate studies and their resulting models are funded by government. Governments commit grant money to better understand and resolve major problems. If researchers come back and say there is no problem, then the money dries up. Of course they are going to find a problem; it's an ongoing existential conundrum researchers face.

Climate alarmists are tireless in saying “95 percent of all scientists agree” without ever providing the exact wording of the question and precisely who was surveyed.
We are not told what the average global temperature is, how much higher it was than last year’s record or any previous records, or what the margin of error is supposed to be on those measurements. Instead, we get stuff like this from the New York Times:
"Marking another milestone for a changing planet, scientists reported on Wednesday that the Earth reached its highest temperature on record in 2016—trouncing a record set only a year earlier, which beat one set in 2014. It is the first time in the modern era of global warming data that temperatures have blown past the previous record three years in a row."
Yet that’s what passes for “science reporting” on the issue of global warming, where asking for numbers and margins of errors apparently makes you an enemy of science. Instead, it’s all qualitative and comparative descriptions. It’s science without numbers. The fact remains that there is plenty of credible dissension in the scientific community, and that temperatures have not gone up despite the increase of carbon dioxide emissions.

Nearly everyone agrees that the planet has been in a warming phase since the last Ice Age. And it is hard to find anyone to argue the fact that humans do impact the climate with their activity, at least the micro-climates of the heat islands around large metropolitan areas. But no one, expert or not, has a reasonable grasp upon the degree of warming or cooling with any confidence or precision. Some scientists have now yielded to referring to theory as "settled science". But how much of the warming is caused by man and how and what can now be done in a cost-effective way to deal with it? There is no correct answer supported by empirical science. Maybe we should just adapt to it because there is really nothing we can do to effect any impact on historic weather cycles.

To shout "denier" at those who raise legitimate questions over the conclusions of a very "unsettled science" gets us nowhere closer to true understanding. It makes absolutely no sense to implement costly regulations and mandates to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions that will have little or no global effect on temperatures over the next century. There has been no agreement on what the optimal level of carbon dioxide even is, or what the optimal Earth temperature should be. We do know that plants grow faster with more carbon dioxide and thus food becomes more abundant and cheaper, and that most people prefer warmer places over colder ones. The problem is with the models and not with how the climate is changing.

The science is no where near settled or we wouldn't still be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to understand the various factors that influence climate with new and improved climate models. It is no secret to anyone that solar activity is correlated with global temperature changes — with warm periods coinciding with higher levels of sunspot activity and cooling periods corresponding to lower levels. This has been going on for eons  through the evolution of our solar system. The past one hundred years of human increase in industrial output is a very minor incident in the grand scheme of things. Scientists know that clouds have great effect on Earth’s temperature; some clouds hold in heat, others reflect sunlight. Researchers at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland have shown that fewer sunspots result in less solar wind, which enables more cosmic rays to reach Earth and create more ionized clouds, which “make clouds more reflective." Human impact is inconsequential.

Refusal to own up to the distortions of climate science is a costly mistake.  Until we advance to the point where we can change solar output (I am being facetious), any measure that attempts to impact the cycles of climate by the adjustment of human behavior is little more than deceptive politics and not because of any "settled science", and should be regarded as such.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Liberation Through Artisitc Expression

The artist is a special human being, in touch with a world that many of us have lost touch with. It would seem as if it is the divine unconscious within that springs to life through the work of the creative artist. Truth and beauty are somehow conjured from the void for the benefit of all humanity ever after through the gifted instrument of the artist. Artists divine the mysteries of not only their own inner conscience, but of the broader collective unconscious, intuiting the gems hidden deep within, birthing a higher order of reality, building a bridge to some unknown dreamy shore. The creative artist of every medium gives utterance to an authentic and direct revelation of the divine. They seem to be in touch with the invisible, that which dwells just beyond the reach of our common perception as their works unveil the mysteries alive in the hearts of each one of us. The images, sounds, and movements perceived anew by the artist give us different ways of seeing and interpreting life, offering a fresh stream of renewal for humanity. When we listen to or look at their work it is as if an undiscovered path opens for new thoughts, perceptions, dreams, and experience; the skies open and the universe is reborn. “It is the great dream which has always spoken through the artist as a mouthpiece.” (Carl Jung)

Art comes to life where the creative individual meets the divine. One might say the same thing about genius. A work of art is the point at which the conscious world and unconscious world meet and become one. The creative process, of any stripe, unites the personal with the transpersonal, the transitory with the eternal, where the eternal becomes synthesized into the ephemeral. Art is the result when a creative impulse is liberated; I sense that the entire universe is the result of the liberation of the Creator's first impulse. In the likeness of our Creator we continue to give birth to the world through a divine artistic expression. The artist renders the formless qualities behind the objective world so that all may discover that which has been unseen. The artist creates a masterpiece and in the process recreates him or herself to become the masterpiece itself. Did Shakespeare create Hamlet or did Hamlet create Shakespeare? Both, of course. It is the egg that lays the hen that lays the egg...

Liberation through artistic expression is the path which leads us towards a deeper relationship and ultimate union with the depths of our unconscious side. Do we all possess creative powers or are we possessed by them? To awaken the inner artist we each must surrender to being taken over and moved by something far greater than our ego. The creative process involves a concentration and deepening of experience as we open ourselves in new ways of empowerment to translate our ever-expanding discovery of ourselves into a new dream. An artist’s creative power lies in a willingness to not cling to a fixed point of view, but to allow him or herself to be open to new experiences and new forms of expression. Art expands the world by showing us new dimensions, all the while enriching and expanding the consciousness of all humanity. “A work of art is something new in the world that changes the world to allow itself to exist.” (Martin Heidegger) Art is magic that must find its way into the world. One of the most tragic outcomes of repressed creativity and unexpressed art is the devious unfulfilled neurotic that suffers his symptoms upon humanity.

We are all special human beings. Each of us is an artist, even if undiscovered. The world around us is our crowning achievement. May we all find liberation through the artistic expression of the divine within.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Devil Dogs of Peace

It has been reported that one of the measures of President Obama's legacy will be that the United States was at war with one or more nations every day of his presidency - all eight years - and he stands alone among all presidents with this ignoble distinction. Whether overt or covert, these multiple wars may seem to have been a mark of insanity to some; government's reliance on military solutions has always seemed to border on pathological. It would seem that recent leadership of our country does not know how to imagine solutions outside the paradigm of war. There is nothing good about war. "The fact that we, as a species, are investing our creative genius to conjure up an endless war which is unceasingly draining us of our most precious resources is complete and utter madness." (Paul Levy)

But there is more to it than human or organizational madness. Behind all the military initiatives of the past thirty years has been the Military-Industrial Complex's influence to continue conflict, disruption, and chaos merely for the sake of corporate profit. While these powers held sway over the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations, they will no longer have a controlling influence with the new administration. With Mr. Trump's selection of highly regarded Marine Generals Mattis and Kelly and Army General Flynn for critical leadership posts in national security and defense it would appear on the surface that the new administration may take military intervention abroad to a higher level. But, contrary to what some might imagine, all expectations for the new administration are that the war drums will not continue for very much longer.

Having honorably served my country as a Marine during the war in Vietnam I recognize that the highest service each of these fine general officers aspires to is as peacekeepers. A soldier that has held the killing power of a weapon in his hands has a better gauge of and experience for knowing when not to exercise its lethal use than a civilian bureaucratic politician that knows only what he reads about combat. I am confident that the United States will no longer be at war with any nation or terror organization by the mid-term of the new administration. All current conflicts will be concluded by victory, negotiation, or withdrawal under the new leadership. The military will be expanded to once again be large enough and strong enough with the latest and very best technologies to again be viewed respectfully as the greatest deterrent in the world to further aggressive conflict.

Monday, January 16, 2017

a New Education Model for the Times

With a new political initiative taking over Washington and with the new, very motivated Education Secretary Betsy DeVos soon to take the reins of that quagmire, it is time to implement a strategy for education that will lift the poor and working class to higher levels of skill and knowledge that will benefit both aspiring individuals and the nation as a whole. To begin to put an end to the high cost and inaccessiblity of getting a college education a national digital public library of college courses, in a full range of subjects, available to everyone on a tuition-free basis, needs to be initiated as soon as possible. Such courses would be created by the most talented and respected professors with free online textbooks and certifying exams for college credit. College could be and should be free, given the limitless resources of the Internet, and it could be made so at very little taxpayer expense.

Online courses have been offered for the past twenty years from all manner of colleges and trade schools. But due to the regulatory and “pricing power” structure of accredited post-secondary education, tuition for these courses is every bit as high (often higher) than for the same course delivered in the physical college classroom. Several years ago MIT, Stanford, and other quality institutions began offering many of their best courses online, entirely tuition free, as a public service. Known as MOOC's (Massively Open Online Courses) these courses have become widely popular and have drawn large numbers of students worldwide. A computer MOOC at Stanford drew more than 160,000 students, compared to perhaps 35 students in a physical college classroom for the same course.

MOOC's lead to an expansion of knowledge and skill levels, however they do not offer college credit that can be applied to obtaining a degree. The prestigious schools that offer the free online courses want to preserve their brand and not dilute their tuition based economic model. Using MOOC's as a model, however, in combination with certification testing would take little more than an administrative transition and be very cost efficient to maintain.

Not only could such courses be used to advance students toward a useful college degree, but they could be used for self-study, or used as another teaching or curriculum tool by existing high schools and colleges with physical discussion groups where a teacher is present. And they could be used by people of any age and any geography - anyone with Internet access. The same idea could be applied to vocational and job training, at a fraction of the cost to pay an employer to train a worker. Employers could use free online courses from the national online library, along with on-the-job help, to advance the productive skills among their workforce.

It would be paramount to the concept of online education to work with top quality exam creators, like the College Board, to make sure that the certification exams reflect a high and respected standard for passing. Excessive government control over curriculum could be avoided by funding independent groups to develop the courses or by funding multiple versions of each course. With all due respect to free speech, a government funded online educational library would not stop other colleges or educational diversity, and would be only one of many ways for students to achieve a quality education.

The current college accreditation model is over 100 years old and started before the Internet was invented. Under the existing system, the educational institution retains all the power to grant college credit. Universities requiring years of physical residency need not disappear, but a national public library of great tuition free online courses, plus credit-bearing certification exams for these courses, could quickly create a very practical path toward affordable and accessible education for all at little or not cost, putting an end to the burden of student debt that has resulted from the current model.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Conundrum of a Mobius Universe

God is omnipotent, everywhere, everything, all-knowing, omniscient, all-seeing, All That Is.

So if God is everything, how can You and I be outside of God?

I must be God. And God must also be Me.

You must be God too. And God must also be You.

God knows that We are God. Why don't We all recognize that We are all God too?


Saturday, January 14, 2017

Enemy Within the Gates

Just this week Muslim scholars in the U.S. issued a legal ruling or "fatwa" in the wake of the imminent presidency of Donald Trump, instructing followers about what they may expect and how they should respond to the shifting political environment. Imams in the nearly 3,100 mosques now operating inside the United States are being guided to instruct their congregations in anticipation of potential increased anti-Muslim sentiment and government policy to defend Muslim rights and maintain their obligations under Shariah law. This fatwa is about fitnah, an Arabic word meaning “test,” (fitnah equals Islamophobia) taking the form of oppression against Muslims in a country dominated by infidels.

They are laying the groundwork for an orchestrated coded response, without coming right out and saying it, that Muslims are not excused from observing Shariah law, regardless of policy changes, and are reminding followers they are obligated to keep practicing it. Where is this paramilitary declaration originating? At least 80 percent of the over 3000 mosques in this country have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical jihadist organization (not officially deemed a terrorist organization, yet) whose stated mission is to spread Shariah throughout the Western world. Right under our politically correct noses, mosques are producing jihadis who want to fight and kill infidels in the name of Allah, because that is what the mosques teach. The teachings come straight from the Quran and the life of Muhammad, Islam’s founder, as laid out in the hadiths, the most authoritative of Islamic texts. The hadiths can be found in the Hamas Covenant as well as in the first grade text books in Islamic schools. One of the most authoritative hadith scholars in all of Islam, Bukhari (Islamic scholars consider the hadith of Bukhari to rise to a level just below the Quran) quotes Muhammad as stating: “The hour of judgment will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. It will not come until the Jew hides behind rocks and trees. It will not come until the rocks or the trees say, ‘O Muslim! O servant of God! There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.”

There is no flexibility in Islam; it is fixed and does not conform to change. There is absolutely no accommodation for assimilation into a host country's culture. The Muslim Brotherhood is already deeply entrenched in the U.S. and making a rallying cry for war with this fatwa. By the time the Trump administration reclassifies the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization Muslims will be prepared to respond. At the least, a flurry of potentially violent activism and lawsuits is on the way with increased allegations of hate crimes, hijab ripping, mosque defiling, and all the other things the Muslim community consistently complains about, because they see them as catalysts that reinforce this fatwa. Muslims may be expected to be increasingly hyper-sensitive to any perceived offense, expecting the new administration to be oppressive, expecting increased suffering for Muslims, in other words, Islamophobia will be perceived to increase, which is all fitnah is.

In a nation founded on religious liberty, despite our well-founded suspicions, it has become an automatic American knee-jerk reaction in the name of religious freedom to guard against any negative reaction to the proliferation of mosques in the U.S. During the last eight years, the Muslim influx has been welcomed and encouraged by an openly empathetic administration. While mosques are a religious sanctuary as well as community and education center for American Muslims they also serve as the breeding grounds for terrorists against the non-Muslim citizenry of the United States. Americans are increasingly becoming aware, as the incoming administration already is aware, that the practice of Shariah reaches well beyond religious practice, an overreach that cannot be tolerated in America, even within our liberal interpretation of religious freedom, because of the overriding Islamic objective for conversion and conquest. Because most of the mosques in America teach a strict interpretation of Shariah, we should be aware that someday soon, many more thousands of Muslims will wage war against the United States and its people just as they are taught.

We need to learn from the ongoing attacks - in Brussels, Paris, Boston, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, New York, Las Vegas, Ohio, Fort Hood, and most recently Fort Lauderdale. To do anything other than confront this problem head on would be unwise. There is absolutely no provision for compromise within Shariah law. The number of terror assaults is only going to increase, and it is not only because we have a bold new administration that aims to stop it. The largest obstacle to reigning in this unwanted element lurking behind the deceptive hijab of Islam may be our own liberal tolerance for political correctness, rooted in ignorance of who these invaders really are.

The Quran makes it difficult for non-Muslims to have sincere discussions with Shariah-compliant Muslims because of a theological rationalization for lying. Under Shariah, lying is not only permissible, but deemed a morally justified obligation for Muslims, which only further complicates efforts to understand the true nature of the threat – and to have confidence in those Muslims at home and abroad with whom we attempt to find common ground. Then there is taqiyya, a concept in Islamic law that translates as “deceit or dissimulation,” particularly towards infidels, permitting and encouraging precautionary dissimulation as a means for hiding true faith in times of persecution or deception when penetrating the enemy camp, according to the hadiths.

A quick history lesson is a poignant reminder that the children of Abraham do not all have the same outlook on life, and that the followers of Islam have always been and continue to be intransigent in their animosity toward their Judaeo-Christian brothers. The origin of Arabic animosity toward the West extends long before the time of the Crusades, and long before God revealed the contents of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad 1500 years ago. In the 23rd century B.C., nearly four thousand years ago, the ancient Mesopotamian ruler Sargon of Akkad built one of the world's great empires by conquering through force many of the lands in the Middle East for his kingdom, and thus became best known as the one responsible for creating the Arabic Empire. His approach to conquest by the sword forged an empire where struggle was the only way to survive. The idea of conflict that so permeated his empire has continued throughout the Middle East to this day, with much emphasis upon the idea of life as warfare.

Unlike other ideologies that evolved through the common mythology of Adam, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, the Arabic path never learned about love as being the ultimate power of Creation. Arabic cultures have generally never learned how to express themselves in a positive way. Instead, the Arabic Empire and its descendants have sought power down through the ages through domination as the only way they could understand their relationship to Creation, clearly visible in the way women are treated under Shariah law. The Quran also grants Muslim men permission to use infidel women as sex slaves. The energy of the Middle East through many lifetimes has built up a volatility embodied by fear, negativity, domination, abuse, and all manner of disconnects toward Creation.

Until the paths of Judaeo-Christians and the Islamic-Arabic world come more into line with one another, there will not be peace. The inherent problem is that the belief systems of these two worldviews are fundamentally diametrically opposed. The actions of each side are no more than a collective reflection of its own belief system - one is based on love, the other on domination. There are plentiful exceptions within both cultures - there are adherents of violence in the West, just as there are practitioners of peaceful interaction among Muslims. The West, for its part, must learn to view Islam as a long-established way of life and a valuable system of meaning for large groups of people rather than only as a potential source of a radical, politicized worldview. The Muslim community, in turn, must begin to acknowledge and not be threatened by other points of view.

In Italy, imams are being enrolled into courses that teach them about Italy's constitution and its values of free speech, tolerance, and pluralism. It is a remedial start, but a beginning nonetheless, to create a better understanding of the West through education. It may take ongoing measures such as this to achieve balanced middle ground between the two cultures. The renaissance that Christianity has undergone to become more humanistic has yet to occur in the Islamic world at large. A social, political, and religious transformation among Arabic peoples to free themselves from the shackles they are bound by has yet to gain any traction. Until a time when conquest and domination are replaced by peace as the mission in the spread of Islam worldwide, we must understand we have an enemy within the gates.

Friday, January 13, 2017

the Power to Change Within

Earth's rotation is affected by solar activity. When the sun gives off a burst of energy it either quickens or slows the Earth's rotational speed in a way that is subtle, but measurable. We are coming to understand that Earth's rotation can also be affected by human beings through fluctuations in our own collective electromagnetic energy output. What we are beginning to comprehend is that humans have control over electromagnetic fields around us through a tiny organ in our brains called the pineal gland. In a world that radiates energy from every direction, the pineal gland produces its own short wavelength radiation. It's not a harmful form of radiation, but the closer we or other animals are together, the more metaphysically powerful it becomes. The implication is that a group of minds whose consciousness is working together for a particular outcome can affect the entire planet, if not neighboring planetary bodies as well.

This raises a lot of questions about mass consciousness effects. There are powers within our world and beyond our world, call them the Cabal or Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) for simplicity, that want to keep us unaware of the power of our innate co-creative consciousness, because this ability is what gives them their controlling power. Our collective consciousness has been manipulated for some time by the powers that be to cause things to happen in the world to the benefit of the Cabal, and most often to the detriment of the rest of us. A lot of distractions are generated by the MIC to keep us from being in touch with the power that we have in our DNA and the pineal gland.

The pineal gland is a tremendously important organ. It is defined as a small endocrine gland tucked in between the two hemispheres of the center of the brain of nearly all vertebrates that produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. But it's magic and function go much further - it is our spiritual connection to the rest of the cosmos we live in. It is a communication device as well as an awareness device. It could be said to be the foundation of our consciousness. Without it we would have no awareness.

There are many things the pineal gland may be exposed to that compromise its functionality, if not completely turn off its functionality. There are a lot of distractions created by the MIC, our government, that keep us from being in touch with the power that we have in our DNA and the pineal gland - one of these is the sodium fluoride in water. The interior of the pineal gland consists of water and small crystals, and because the blood-brain barrier is not in effect for the pineal gland, anything that's in the bloodstream can freely enter. Fluoride readily crosses into the pineal gland from the blood and attaches to the small crystals. Given enough fluoride exposure the pineal gland will calcify, disabling its function. Our government has been purposefully suppressing the pineal gland through the widespread addition of fluorides to public water supplies for a very good reason. If you want to control the population, that's the first way to do it. That's the first thing you're going to attack. At the very least we should all be avoiding fluoridated water, watching our diet, and drinking distilled water intermittently to help dissolve the calcification on the pineal gland.

Every gas molecule in our atmosphere is connected to the electromagnetic fields because all electrons in the outer shell are manipulated by these field forces. So human consciousness, through the human electromagnetic field produced by the pineal gland, can change atmospheric conditions, in effect. We could actually environmentally clean up the planet through our collective thoughts. We can also create severe weather with our group thoughts. Usually it takes a group effort focused on a particular objective to effect a result, but one very powerful person can effect forceful change as well. One cultural group that comes to mind are Native Americans who used rain dance ceremonies to cause rain during dry spells. I recall one particular powerful shaman named Rolling Thunder who repeatedly demonstrated causing storm clouds and rain to replace perfectly clear, cloudless skies in a matter of minutes through a simple ceremony and incantations. It stirs the mind to wonder what great powers we have been denied through manipulation or ignorance.

While it sounds like conspiracy theory, the powers that be have worked to suppress individual awareness for quite some time. The less we are aware of what we can do, the less we're going to do. The more our pineal gland is impaired, the more its functionality is denied. Besides ongoing suppression of the pineal gland, our DNA is also being suppressed through various means, including exposure to computers, televisions, and cell phones. The entire population of the Earth has had periodic upgrades of DNA based on "natural" geological catastrophic events as well. DNA evolves in response to electromagnetic fluctuations not only on the Earth (geologic or technological), but also to those originating from the sun and our galaxy at large. Evolutionary change occurs not only with small genetic variations at the micro level, but in a grandiose way at the macro level. The Earth's inner core is responsible for the Earth's magnetic field. When it is stable, our DNA is somewhat protected. When the Earth's core and the core of the sun weaken or wobble, as has been the pattern recently, our DNA is wide open to manipulation and change.

The strings are not all pulled by the Cabal/Military-Industrial Complex/Khazarians/Dracos/Illuminati/Bilderbergs/Nephilim/Rothschilds/Reptilians/Pre-Adamites/Orionids/New World Order/Bad Guys. There are also the Good Guys/Alliance/White Dragon Society/Federation/White Hats/Pleiadians/Gnostics who hold our free will to be most important on this developing planet and generally do not interfere. So hold onto your shorts, because things may change quickly at any time. Destiny dictates that things will evolve in a positive way if that is what you believe, and not so positive if that is what you believe. Be optimistic, but be ready!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Blueprint for Change

Many people believe that the physical world is all there is, that the physical universe exists with or without us and that we really have nothing to say about it. The belief is that we are here for a while, and while we may be able to effect our immediate surroundings to some degree, nothing we ultimately do has any effect on overall reality. Most believe there is more to it than this, however. Leading the effort to understand it all are modern physicists who have been discovering for half a century that thoughts themselves are the actual driving and creative force behind all of reality, more far reaching than the physical experience each of us has.

We can believe whatever we want. We were each born with free will. We can choose to buy into negative beliefs, or we can choose to believe positively. We can choose to believe that we can only do so much and nothing more, or we can choose to believe the sky is not even the limit. Whatever we choose to believe the universe will support us to that degree and no further. The universe never gives us more than we believe we are ready to handle. We can choose to believe we are victims all of our lives, but we can also believe that we were born into limitless ecstasy and can effect control over the direction of our lives, and that we do make a difference.

Each of us is the limiting factor in achieving our own potential. However we restrict our belief systems will be met with full acknowledgment by the world around us. We get what we focus on. Whatever each of us believes is exactly what we get. Want something different, then we must change our beliefs. That's how it all works. We are that powerful.

So what is your birthright in this world? What is your potential? How can you engage the world for the very best life experience? First, recognize that we all come out of the Great Mystery to get here, created and delivered by the Creative Source behind everything, whatever we believe that to be. Whether created with a physical handicap or wonderfully gifted, whether dropped into a challenging world or one of privilege, whether abused or pampered, whether we think we are a victim or free, we each have the power to change the way we believe to effect an improved outcome in life. The power of choice is inherent in our right of free will. Someone may make us suffer terribly, but they cannot make us believe against our will. Each of us was born out of ecstasy, out of love and light. Since each of us originates from an Infinite Creator and our scientists tell us every part of the world is a holographic image of the whole, then each of us has been endowed at birth with a capacity for infinite creativity. There are no limits to what we can experience, except those we set for ourselves.

When we allow ourselves the expressiveness of vitality we can attract into our lives a world that rises to the level of our beliefs. Nothing is too difficult or too good for any one of us, we children derived from the image of our Source. We deserve all that we can conceive. Awareness of this universal truth, alone, is sufficient to set the wheels in motion. Creation holds nothing back from any one of us - and it never has. In every circumstance, the universe has always supported each one of us 100% of the time. Understand that you are not ever given a desire without the ability to accomplish that desire!

Infinite Creation does not do anything extraneous or pointless. You didn't have to do anything special to deserve existence. You deserve to be here or you wouldn't be here. If the creative force behind everything expended the ecstatic effort to bring you into being, then give yourself the benefit of the doubt and treat yourself with the same unconditional love and respect.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dream It Into Reality

What if..... Rather than wanting love, you knew that you are love and can tap into the experiential energy of love anytime, any place, in any situation.

What if..... You knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are perfect just the way you are.

What if..... You knew that love is all there is. Every experience, relationship, person, place, and thing in your life is a gift for you.

What if..... You could "be abundance" all the time in every area of your experience; love, prosperity, security, sincerity, awareness, creativity, every experience.

What if..... Every moment of every day your heart swelled with a deep gratitude for all of life.

What if..... You knew for certain that all of your needs are met.

What if..... You could fully experience the universe within you; the planets, the stars, the galaxies, everything. You knew all that was within you and outside of you is you.

What would you create? Whom would you assist? What would you set out to learn? How would you expand yourself? How would you interact with others? Who would you know yourself to be?

Dr. Judith Long

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

We Are All One

What might we create in this country if we acknowledged that we are all vulnerable people — flesh and blood encasing bodies and minds and hearts that break, not infrequently?
 Courtney Martin

Monday, January 9, 2017

Chasing Shambala

There is nothing more magical, yet more common, in each of our lives than the place we go to in our dreams. We spend up to a third of our lives in this mysterious place out of time and space, but most of us are asleep to its value in our waking lives. Just as the "real" world we awaken to is still there following our dreams, the dream world continues with us in our waking hours, awaiting our attention. People of great creative vision - prophets, seers, mystics, and psychics, as well as artists, musicians, and inventors, have always found a way to harmonize the awakened mind with the deeper realm found in dreams. With practice and attention such individuals learn to tune into the world beyond everyday experience and use it as a resource by paying attention to intuition, a lucky guess, or a hunch to make great discoveries or produce wonderful masterpieces.

We each enter a dream landscape that could be used as a valuable resource if we can learn to cultivate the ability to enter sacred space and become more attuned within the dream world. Mystics chant and pray, breathe deeply and meditate; prophets practice meditation and fast during introspective isolation; seers stare into flames or dance themselves into trances; psychics stare into crystal balls or employ the use of tools such as Tarot cards or runes or I Ching to help them open the neutral space beyond time and space.

The visual imagery of tools like card and runes is believed to activate certain energies with the power to unify the conscious mind with the subconscious or dream state. Quantum physics proposes that our world is holographic in nature. Everything around us is a reflection of ourselves, and we a reflection of all that surrounds us. The 78 figures of the Tarot deck act as reflective visual guides that can assist us any time we face a question that requires amplification and clarification. Like dreams, the Tarot holds the power to help us focus on our potential, transcending all language and culture. Striking similarities of theme and myth run threadlike through the Tarot, runes and I Ching. If we can sensitize ourselves to their symbolic, visionary art, then we can enter a vast reservoir where potential feelings, ideas, and experiences reside, waiting to be awakened.

The images and meanings of these tools radiate life and love, and can help overcome unconscious fears, allowing one to explore unknown aspects of the self. Each hidden face of one's own personality is a teacher to help make poetry out of chaos. One need only to quiet the mind that thinks, listen to the part that knows, breathe deeply and focus just as deeply on the matter of concern. When dream consciousness is blended with that of the waking mind, a state of enchantment results and the lines of communication with the Higher Self clear and open. By observing any personal reaction to the messages and feelings that are offered one gains a better understanding of who one really is at that particular moment and what it is that may be blocking progress; also what action will give strength and what will offer release. We need only to return to that place which we never really leave, where we can examine the folds of our past and what potentialities the future may unfold - the land of our dreams.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Quantum Heresy

There is no way to scientifically prove any theory that the universe arose out of a "big bang" explosion or by any other chance occurrence. Nor is there is any way to prove that an omnipotent god set the entire world into motion, all the while remaining outside of its dominion. And there is really no way to prove the subjective evidence of our best quantum guess as to how it all came to be. But it is a wonderful tale, nonetheless, and as our best scientific explanation, we certainly want to believe it is true if for no other reason than because it gives us hope.

The consciousness that each of us claims, but cannot comprehend, has always been in existence, even before the beginning of the universe. Before the universe formed, consciousness existed, but was unmanifest. What does that mean? The closest approximation is that it was like being in a dream. All consciousness was free of space and time, as you are in the dream state, with endless possibilities and potentiality. Consciousness, itself, was part of the original creative process.

Science has hog-tied even its most original thinkers from straying too far from certain scientific principles. Scientists still cannot come to terms with the ultimate quantum discovery that all energy, the building block of the entire universe, contains consciousness. In most circles this statement is still viewed as heresy, both scientifically and from a religious standpoint. An acknowledgement of the subjective evidence for this simple idea would change the world.

The concept of and use of the term "God" has misleading connotations built into it by conventional religion. Because the process of original creation is so infused with its outcome, a better identifier for this divine process is the phrase "All That Is". All That Is is so much a part of its creation that it is impossible to distinguish between creator and creation. The creator and all that has been created are indelibly One, without separation.

Therefore, it follows that each portion of consciousness carries within it the indelible blueprint of the whole. The world and all its parts are one infinite field of holographic projection. The universe arose out of a divine psychological awakening, a great desire by consciousness for expression. Creativity gives birth to even the smallest act. When we each come to realize the extent of our connection to the Infinite, we will come to know that our consciousness is eternal, yet newly created and refreshed in every moment.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Historic Perspective of the Times

The moving trucks are parked in front of the White House and in two weeks the country will have a dramatic changing of the executive guard to begin its transition from one extreme of ideology to its opposite. President Barack Hussein Obama has been a wolf in sheep's clothing for the past eight years. After the nightmare he inherited from the George Bush presidency, Obama was hailed as a great hope for change. The color of his skin, his international upbringing, his intelligence and global outlook brought with it a wave of optimism. But instead of changing Bush policies, the Obama administration codified them, becoming a second administration that lived outside the law, governing without respect for the foundational laws of the American system. The evisceration of the rule of law is most apparent in the National Defense Authorization Act which eradicates our basic fundamental freedom, due process. Without deference to the law, our country is becoming increasingly like a jungle. Einstein said that when a country doesn't obey its laws the laws will be disrespected by all. There is a good reason for the institution of Habeas corpus, or due process. This most basic of rights must be restored.

Despite being a constitutional scholar, Obama has defied the law at every turn. If you look at domestic policy, Obama never broke with the Wall Street friendly policies of the Bush administration. Foreign policy has seen military action around the world grow out of control as it has expanded to many new theaters under our Nobel Peace Prize President. Under this administration there has been no cutback whatsoever on the things we found most odious about the Bush administration; instead they have expanded. Obama ordered more drone attacks in his first eight months than Bush had in his entire presidency. It seems like Obama took the most repulsive CIA policies and branded them, so that targeted assassinations and extra-judicial duties as judge, jury, and executioner without due process were declared acceptable actions for the President of the United States, far exceeding even the Bush excesses.

Obama entered the White House with claims to being the most transparent president; instead more documents have been classified under Obama than under Bush. Surveillance of ordinary citizens has grown exponentially; incarcerations without preview by trial have also soared since the Bush years. The U.S. Government now intercepts more than 1.7 billion messages a day from its citizens - emails, telephone calls, and other forms of communication. A nightmare estate has been created with over nine million people watching over us with security clearances, one million of which have top clearances. We are living in a fish bowl, an Orwellian 1984 type of state, whether we have come to accept it or not.

The sad thing is that younger people do accept it without much question. They seem to have no more than a five minute attention span and maybe a five minute memory of the past. While millennials may be passionate about doing something, their focus is limited to wanting to treat the symptoms without consideration for rooting out the cause. While our country may not yet be oppressive on the surface, in our hearts we know there is now no place to hide. All of us are exposed and categorized in some sort of government data base. There is an underlying obsessive fear that if there should be a second 9-11 type event, the government crackdown would be so egregious that our entire Constitution may be shredded in an instant. We have become a nation that fears not only the terrorist aggression of the rest of the world, but a nation of citizens that fears its own government as a threat of potential imminent oppression and tyranny.

How have we gotten to the point where discourse is so dumbed down that we cannot even acknowledge obvious truths without ridicule or prosecution? People are increasingly uninformed because there are serious constraints on public discourse. The media, as government instrument, does not want people to think in a critical way, only react in prescribed ways; it aims to feed people with a steady, ever shocking diet of sensational crises to create a sense of helplessness and need to be governed. When people don't understand their history they will not have any vision for the future and what is possible. If you believe that the narrative we are experiencing right now, driven by dollars and greed, is all that is possible, then you won't foresee how much better our future can be than our present. History alerts us to the fact that we have been here before. The past is always prologue to the future. Gore Vidal referred to us as the United States of Amnesia. If we don't pay attention to the cyclical mistakes made in the past, then we are doomed to repeat them.

A fundamental morality has been lost somewhere along the way. The end does not always justify the means as the recent policy shift would have us believe. With the arrival of a new group of ideologues to man the tiller in Washington, let us hope the brash motivated new leadership can set amends to the drift of the last thirty years away from the constitutional fundamentals that made this country exceptional.

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