Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Changing the Paradigm of Disease

What if our belief system about the body and its health is wrong? What if our health is a consequence of our beliefs? What if our minds control our biology? Mind over matter. Can we just be well by thinking positive thoughts?

Psychoneuroimmunology is the science of how the mind controls the brain, which in turn controls the immune system. The implications of this new science is that the immune system, while it may be the guardian of our internal environment, is ultimately and completely controlled by the mind. In other words, it is our minds that shape the character of our health.

Evidence of this seems to mysteriously show itself when we examine a certain multiple personality disorder called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). With DID, a person actually loses his or her unique ego identity, taking on the personality and behavior of a completely different person. It's like listening to Rolling Stones music on the radio only to have it fade into a Dolly Parton tune after you hit a bump in the road, without changing the radio's tuning. With DID, it's like one's “station identification” fades from one ego identity to another. What is unexpected are the physiological consequences that accompany such a change in the ego.

Psychiatrists have discovered that each alternate personality of DID patients has a unique electroenchephalogram (EEG) profile, which is the bio-marker equivalent to a neurological fingerprint. In other words, each of us has an entirely unique, one-of-a-kind brain profile. So how can a person with multiple personalities change eye color in the short interval it takes to transition from one ego to the next? And how do the scars of one personality inexplicably disappear as the new personality emerges? And what about allergies and sensitivities that one personality displays, but the other does not?

Conventional medicine has no explanation within the framework of its existing paradigm. Our current scientific view is largely framed under the paradigm of genetic determinism. In other words, we are all inescapable victims of our heredity. The emerging science of epigenetics, especially with the contributions of the Human Genome Project, are clearly demonstrating that this is no longer an accurate way of looking at heredity.
The pivotal question now being seriously asked is: If our genes do not control life, what does? The emerging answer is that “we do”. The power to control our own lives down to the smallest detail originates in our own minds and is not a matter of pre-programming by our genes. As our mind perceives and interprets environmental signals, it causes proteins to change shape, influencing every function of our being. It is our perceptions that control our behavior, right down to the cellular level. And that may be the remarkable secret to why some people experience perfect health while others suffer endlessly.

New discoveries show us that if we are experiencing any compromise to perfect health (dis-ease) it can only arise in two ways: either the proteins are defective or the signals are distorted. Approaching health and disease from this perspective changes EVERYTHING!!!

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