Sunday, October 13, 2019

Life Energy Generator

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy,
vibration and frequency.” - Nikola Tesla

I recently came across some intriguing technology called Tesla Purple Plates, which I ordered and aim to give a fair try. Named for Nikola Tesla these plates are used to remedy and balance personal energy levels. Used originally by Tesla himself, the plates are being used by millions worldwide with a positive result. The aluminum plates work as transceivers of cosmic energy, creating a positive field of energy around itself that will penetrate any material substance by osmosis. Its life-force energy beneficial to all living things the plates cure or prevent the progress of disease, reduce tension, alleviate the results of stress, and generally improve mood.

In the 1940’s the creator of the Tesla Purple Plate, Ralph Bergstresser, met Nikola Tesla; they became friends and Bergstresser was a frequent guest in Tesla’s laboratory. After Tesla’s death, Ralph Bergstresser studied for the next 28 years how currents of certain frequencies influence certain materials and reached a discovery that strong low frequency currents, passed through aluminum, create an antenna and transmitter for cosmic energy. He reached the conclusion that a strong tachyon field is created (a tachyon is a hypothetical particle faster than light) which cures disease and speeds up the process of cell regeneration and spiritual growth. Afterwards colored in purple color (the healing part of the rainbow spectrum), he created the first purple plate. Considering that Tesla taught him practically everything regarding electricity, Bergstresser gave it its popular name – Tesla Purple Plate, out of gratitude to Nikola Tesla.

Science has proven that by projecting “love” (positive energy) to plants, they will flourish and grow more vigorously. The positive energy plates will do the same to plants. The underlying mechanism is the same principle at work in faith healing, laying of hands, prayer, and a mother's love. Sending healing energy or what the Chinese call “Chi” to another accelerates the healing process. The plates work in the same way.

The plates help raise the vibrational rate of anyone using them. They are especially effective at promoting accelerated healing for any injury. In no way can they be harmful. Food can be preserved longer by exposing it to the plates. Water can be energized by setting it on a plate for two or three minutes. Just carrying a plate around with you as you go through your daily routine will increase energy levels and decrease fatigue. They can be put in a pocket or carried in a purse as no body contact is necessary for them to work.

After over 47 years that this product has been on the world market, over 50 million units have been sold; Tesla Purple Plates and Tesla Purple Discs may be the most recognizable technological aids in the field of alternative medicine today. With significant scientific and radiesthesic testing, I figure it is worth testing personally.

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