Friday, October 11, 2019

the Zero Point Field

According to American physicist Richard Feynman, the energy in a single cubic foot of empty space is enough to boil all the oceans of the world. That would mean that there is more energy or power in “nothing” than we've ever found in any material thing. This potential energy of nothingness is referred to as zero-point energy and if we can figure a way to tap into it, it may just be the energy that powers our future.

This field of energy has been described by Lynne McTaggart, author of The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, as “an ocean of macroscopic vibrations in the space between things – a state of pure potential and infinite possibility.” The particles of energy that make up the zero-point field exist in every imaginable state until they are disturbed by us through observation or measurement. It is only then that they settle down into a state that we can understand as real. It would seem that reality exists only on a “need-to-exist” basis.

It is hard for even the best and brightest physicists to get their heads around something as vastly unimaginable and mind-boggling as the zero-point field. But what is falling out of all this is an utterly fascinating conclusion: Everything is Everywhere all of the Time. Reality emerges only when our minds (awareness) plucks things out of the cosmic soup and sorts them into time and space. By playing around with the cosmic soup, scientists have been able to send signals incredibly great distances instantaneously and have even been able to affect events that have already happened. Time and Space become what we make them!

Science has, by and large, previously ignored such elusive topics. But it is foolish to ignore something just because we do not understand it or cannot explain it. Scientists on the cutting edge of discovery in the modern era are leaving behind the narrow focus of the previous scientific paradigm and taking up the challenge of things unseen.

There is an unexplained invisible field behind everything we think is real that holds much promise if we can unlock its secrets. Most of us already appreciate that we already tap into it with the power of prayer as directed to heal others. And it is an acknowledged fact that if a certain threshold of people focus their meditation on peace or reducing crime, wars are brought to an end and crime rates fall precipitously. The majority of people acknowledge that we each have a mysterious psychic ability to communicate with others or otherwise order up reality to suit our desires. And how is it that pets always know when you are coming home? Such unexplained phenomena used to evoke little curiosity in the scientific community, but no longer. Like the surprise of pulling a rabbit from a hat, what we are about to pull out of empty space is going to change all of our lives.

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