Friday, October 4, 2019

View from the Gallery

I listen to what the Democrat Party candidates for President are saying and it seems to me they are committing political suicide. The measures they are calling for by and large seem contrary to what mainstream Americans expect of governance. All would seem to believe that the country has shifted far enough to the left after the previous administration that a majority of citizens are ready and willing to end the great American experiment. There seems to be a consensus among the candidates that America's founding was an injustice in and of itself; that it is illegitimate and immoral and needs to be undone. If America is no longer worth celebrating because it has only brought pain and misery to the world since its founding, then I must be missing something. Either I have become too far removed from what is going on in my own country, or... these Presidential wannabes are seriously misjudging the electorate.

It is a huge sell in America to expect the individual to willingly submit to increased subservience to the government. For what? Equality? I've got news for my friends on the left. We were not born equal, will never be equal, and can only ever achieve equality in terms of opportunity. And life is not and never has been fair. These are noble ideals that just cannot be legislated by someone who thinks they know better than someone else. You want to tell me what I can buy? You want to tell me what is good for me? I don't think so. And I don't think most Americans think so either. The current thrust of the Democrat Party is to eliminate all of their perceived inequity, all of the unfairness. Nobody’s gonna have any more than anybody else; nobody’s gonna have any less. The fact their imaginings haven’t worked even once in the world to this point seems to have escaped them.

I have but one criterion when I pull the lever on voting day: Who is going to give me more freedom? versus Who is going to take away my freedom? Allow me my natural right to freedom, or shut-up already. These Dems think the government must be in complete control; that this is the only way we can achieve equality and fairness. The government must be in control of outcomes. The government must be in control of who can do what, because only then will people do what is right. They think people are not capable of caring enough about other people to do the right thing for society at large. People are too selfish. People are too mean. People are too rude. The government must have the power to force people to do things so that everybody is “happy.” Is this what most of my neighbors think??? Makes me feel deplorable. Are all Americans deplorable and in need of complete oversight??? I really think the Dems have miscalculated current American values, to put it nicely. (Or I could be “transparent” and observe that not one of them has a clue about what they are talking about.)

I really think the majority of Americans by a huge factor see the country much the way I do. That doesn't mean many won't pull the D lever on election day next November. But such is the real beauty of our democratic republic. We each have the right to choose, and the freedom to choose wisely or choose poorly.

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