Saturday, May 30, 2020

We are Pilgrims, All

'Pilgrim’ might be the word that most accurately describes us - someone passing through very quickly, someone here but on their way to somewhere else, someone never quite knowing what is most important, the path or the destination or the person walking along it and to it, and someone all along who is never quite sure from whence or from where their next bite of bread will come. We are travelers, a conversation between here and there, who each need visible and invisible help along the way to survive. Most fearfully, a pilgrim is, by definition, someone abroad in a world of impending revelation where something is just about to happen, including, and just around the corner, and as a part of their eventual arrival, their own disappearance.

The great measure of human maturation is the increasing understanding that we move through life in the blink of an eye; that we are not long with the privilege of having eyes to see, ears to hear, a voice with which to speak and arms to put round a loved one; that we are simply passing through. We are creatures made real through contact, meeting and then moving on; creatures who, strangely, never get to choose one above the other. Human life is a contact and a getting to know, and a moving beyond which is forever changing, from the transformations that enlarge and strengthen us to the ones that turn us from consuming to being consumed, from seeing to being semi-blind, from speaking in one voice to hearing in another.

Always, underneath everything, we sense that all at once, we are the journey along the way, the one who makes it and the one who has already arrived. We live in parallel and cohabiting contexts: we are still running around the house packing our bags and we have already gone and come back, we are alone in the journey and we are just about to meet the people we have known for years.

But if we are all movement, exchange and getting to know, where a refusal to move on makes us unreal, we are also journeymen and journeywomen, with an unstoppable need to bring our skills and experience, our voice and our presence to good use in the eternal now we visit along the way. We want to belong as we travel.

The way we give ourselves to that pilgrim path as an ultimate initiation into vulnerability and arrival, is a form of faith, never fully knowing what lies on the other side of the destination, or if we will survive it in any recognizable form. Strangely, our arrival at that last transition along the way is exactly where we have the perspective to understand who has been traveling all along.

In that perspective it might be that faith, reliability, responsibility and being true to something unspeakable are possible even if we are travelers, and that we are made better, more faithful companions, and indeed pilgrims on this never to be repeated journey by combining the precious memory of the 'then', with the astonishing, but taken for granted experience of 'the now', and both with the unbelievable, and hardly possible 'just about to happen.'
by David Whyte in Science and

Friday, May 29, 2020

Talking Morphic Resonance with Rupert Sheldrake

British scientist Rupert Sheldrake has been speaking about the cutting edge of the new cell biology since 1981, when he published his groundbreaking book, A New Science of Life: The Hypothesis of Formative Causation. Despite hostile, ad hominem attacks of his ideas that cell growth is directed by more than mere genetic coding, Sheldrake’s critics have produced neither valid arguments nor evidence that counters his laboratory observations and theories.

Sheldrake proposes that ‘memory’ is inherent in cells, and that life exhibits “evolutionary habits,” a quality that Darwin also noted. “Cells come from other cells and inherit fields of organization” and that morphogenesis innately depends on organizing those fields, which he refers to as morphic fields.

For instance, since the genetic basis of cell reproduction is so similar, it is the morphogenetic field of a specific organism that causes the development of a specific shape — a pink flower with five petals as opposed to an Orca Killer Whale or a Colorado Spruce. The fundamental materialistic views still held by the majority of biologists resist the implications of such a hypothesis, despite experimental evidence.

But his credentials are impeccable: He is a former Research Fellow of the Royal Society, obtained degrees from both Cambridge and Harvard, and held research directorships and fellowships with prestigious organizations around the world, including California’s Institute of Noetic Sciences. Additionally, he has published over eighty scientific papers, ten books, appears on television shows internationally, and writes for newspapers and magazines regularly.

An Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

Q: Please explain morphic resonance?

SHELDRAKE: Morphic resonance is the way that things tune into each other. It works on the basis of similarity, the same principle as ordinary resonance. For instance, if you push down the loud pedal of a piano and while holding it down you chant “ooh” into the piano strings, when you stop singing, the piano will go, “ooh,” back. If you sing a specific pitch, let’s say an “E,” into the strings they will vibrate back that same “E.” That’s resonance.

Many modern technologies work on resonance; radio and television are both resonant technologies. For instance, radio works because we tune into the specific frequency of a particular radio station, say 99.8 on your FM receiver. However, the room that you are currently standing in is filled with countless frequencies, including radio, television, and mobile phone transmissions. The reason we do not become overwhelmed is because we are not specifically tuned into their specific frequencies.

Q: You’ve extended the concept of morphic resonance into the biological science of plant and animal development.

SHELDRAKE: Yes. For example, a chrysanthemum plant, as it develops, it tunes in to past chrysanthemums, and a giraffe, as it develops, tunes in to past giraffes. The DNA or the genetic material enables each living form to manufacture the correct proteins which are a part of their specific tuning system, just like each radio or television station transmits on their specific frequency. For these electronics to be effective, they require both the correct electronic components as well as the specific tuning between them. This resonance is also true for the inheritance of form and the instincts in animals.

Q: If plants and animals develop in accordance with an invisible, interconnected, and underlying environmental system of information and frequency, that would mean that their growth is not exclusive to genetic information.

SHELDRAKE: Exactly. The conventional view tries to cram all the inherited information into the genes, but DNA is grossly overrated. They simply don’t do most of the things attributed to them. What we know they do for sure is to code for the structure of protein molecules.

Q: Is this a living field of information?

SHELDRAKE: It’s a kind of collective memory. Every member of a species draws upon the collective memory of that species, and in turn, contributes to it. You could say it’s like a collective consciousness, but actually it’s more like the collective unconscious. We’re always tuning into it and contributing to it, so it’s a bit like the idea of the collective unconscious put forward by the psychologist C.G. Jung.

I’m suggesting that, for example, if somebody learns a new skill, say windsurfing, then the more people that learn it, the easier it becomes for everyone else because of morphic resonance. However, if you train rats to learn a new trick in one place, like Los Angeles, then rats all over the world should be able to learn the trick more quickly because the first group of rats learned it.

That’s what I’m saying morphic resonance does. It’s the kind of interconnection between all similar organisms across space and time. It works from the past and connects like a kind of collective memory, and it interconnects all the members of a species.

Q: For the past thirty years, you have received quite of bit of resistance from the general scientific community. How significantly would the field of science change if your ideas about morphic resonance were to become fully accepted by the scientific as well as general audiences?

SHELDRAKE: First of all, at the scientific level, the main reason for the resistance is that most scientists are still locked into the materialist paradigm, the doctrine that the only reality is matter. What my observations indicate is that there’s more to nature than matter. There are also fields, resonant fields within the material systems, and that the so-called laws of nature are not fixed, they’re more like habits.

These ideas would require a tremendous shift in thinking within science. Perhaps those ideas would not affect most people that much because they probably don’t spend much time thinking about the laws of nature. But it would be a big shift at the foundations of science and that’s why it’s so controversial.

Q: Once the shift in fundamental perception occurs, wouldn’t it impact the morphic field of most people in addition to scientists?

SHELDRAKE: Oh yes. It would affect our entire culture and the way we think of nature. We would begin to think of nature as alive and organic rather than mechanical. Science’s present view of nature is based on the perception that nature is a machine and acts mechanically, whereas I’m saying nature is an organism, alive, and possesses a kind of memory.

Q: Once science evolves to accept the evidence of the morphic field, will it become easier for science to integrate a more comprehensive understanding of biological matter as energy, and that fluctuations in energy affect the materiality of life?

SHELDRAKE: What we now understand in science is that activity in nature depends on energy, but energy can take any form. It’s a bit like what the Hindus call Shakti; it’s a kind of undifferentiated push that makes things happen. The same energy can power a computer, a TV, a hairdryer, or an electric toaster. It has no form of its own.

I suggest that the form the energy takes is determined, bound with, and organized by the fields. For instance, we know in modern physics that quantum fields organize quantum particles. We also know there are gravitational fields, electromagnetic fields, and in addition to those fields, there are also morphic fields — fields that organize the form and the behavior of animals and plants.

Q: So you are suggesting then that morphic fields are separate?

SHELDRAKE: Yes, it’s a separate field. The gravitational field is separate from the electromagnetic field. It does different things, and quantum fields are different from gravitational fields and electromagnetic fields. We’ve already got quite a few fields in physics and one of the great challenges since the time of Einstein has been to find a unified field theory that would show how they’re all related to each other. However, physics is primarily concerned with electrons and stars and galaxies, and there’s not a lot of attention put into the fields that govern living organisms, plants, ecosystems, etc.

Q: Is that because science perceives that it already understands biological processes?

SHELDRAKE: Yes, they think they do, but the point is they don’t. Biologists think that they can reduce living processes to physics.

Physicists, on the other hand, do not claim that they understand the human mind, for example. Even within biology no one understands how minds work. And consciousness continues to be one of the greatest unsolved problems in science. It’s not as if there is a perfectly good theory of consciousness that’s not being accepted. There isn’t a good theory at all within physics.

I’m pushing forward a view that the mind is a system of fields. The fields are in the brain but they extend beyond the brain, just like the field of a magnet is inside the magnet and extends around it. And the field of your cell phone is inside your cell phone, but it extends far beyond its circuits, invisibly. I suggest that the mind is totally detached from matter and time and space.

Q: And you see mind as a field as well?

SHELDRAKE: Yes, it’s a field. Our minds extend into space and interconnect us with the environment around us. One important aspect of it is that we’re interconnected with other members of social groups. Social groups also have morphic fields, for example a flock of birds, or a school of fish, or an ant colony. The individuals within the larger social groups and the larger social groups themselves have their own morphic fields, their own organizing patterns. The same is true of humans.

People form all sorts of social groups within modern society, such as a football team, for example. Each player in the team is working as part of a larger whole — the team — and the team works together to score goals. The connections between members of social groups link them together through the morphic field. They’re interconnected through this field and the field is an invisible interconnection that links them. It continues to do so even when they’re far away.

The next time you are far away from somebody you know well, think about them and form the intention to telephone them. They may just pick up on that thought and start thinking about you. Then all of a sudden the phone rings and it’s that person. I call that telephone telepathy, and it is the most common kind of telepathy in the modern world. It’s just another way in which we are all interconnected.
By Danielle Graham in Uplift, May 21, 2020

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The Universe as a Giant Fractal

Imagine the entire Universe as a giant fractal. Each component within the fractal is a pattern that constantly flows and becomes more than it is as it continues to touch the original pattern while eternally morphing into something different and new.

It is important to recapitulate the historical patterns that have been handed down to us from generation to generation. Many people allow these patterns and associated thought forms to serve as the foundation of their reality without ever attempting to question or become aware of their own true nature free of these patterns.

In order for us to hold a pattern in our minds, we must push away the rest of the fractal. When we do, we are no longer fluid; we become fixated. If you define someone with a word, you negate them. By giving someone a label, you eliminate all of the other things that they could be. At the same time, you are creating them to fulfill that definition because you have defined it to exist. You have defined them as a single pattern within the fractal.

We have to go beyond the mold. The mold is merely a stage, a stopover that brings temporary peace and serenity to those who journey into the unknown, but it is sterile, static. It is at the same time a flat reflected image in a mirror and the mirror itself. And the image is man’s image.

We are each taught to live our lives based upon the myths that have been passed down through centuries. There are thousands upon thousands of myths and their primary function is to provide us with a model that helps us to activate our unconscious. When this occurs, we can then integrate the unconscious into our consciousness. When we connect with our unconscious, we move beyond the patterns that we have upheld throughout our lives and our unconscious allows us to realize the unlimited potential that lies within each of us.

There is much complaining about the state of our country, our world, the earth, ourselves. We fight and fight to attempt to bring about change. But we are human beings, not human doings. Gandhi said BE the change you want to see in the world - not DO the change you want to see in the world.

Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Our true crisis in this world is the inability to experience consciousness.
We must let go of the patterns within the fractal, and free the fractal of which we are each a part, so we may continue to flow, change, and create ourselves into becoming the most of what we are capable of truly being. We must rise to the task of being the true creator beings that we are each meant to be.
Adapted from the blog of Lorraine Voss,, February 20, 2018

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A Better World is Emerging

The outlines of a better world are emerging. Once the government's ability to sustain its enforcement with money created out of thin air vanishes, the entire order vanishes along with it.

The era of waste, greed, fraud, and living on borrowed money is dying, and those who've known no other way of living are mourning its passing. Its passing was inevitable, for any society that squanders its resources is unsustainable. Any society that makes private greed the primary motivator and priority is unsustainable. Any society that rewards fraud above all else is unsustainable. Any society which lives on money borrowed from the future and other forms of phantom capital is unsustainable.

We know this in our bones, but we fear the future because we know no other arrangement other than the unsustainable present. And so we hear the faint echo of the cries of alarm filling the streets of ancient Rome when the Bread and Circuses stopped: what do we do now?

When the free bread and entertainments disappeared, people found new arrangements. They left Rome. The greatest private fortunes in history vanished as Rome unraveled. All the land, the palaces, the gold and all the other treasures were no protection against the collapse of the system that institutionalized corruption as the ultimate protector of concentrated wealth.

The most zealously guarded power of government is the creation of money, for without money the government cannot pay the soldiers, police, courts and administrators needed to enforce its rule. Western Rome created money by controlling silver mines; in the current era, governments create money (currency) out of thin air.

Once the government's money loses purchasing power, the system collapses. And so in the final stages of Rome's decline, Imperial orders still flowed to distant legions, but the legions no longer existed; they were only phantom entries on Imperial ledgers.

Our "money" is also nothing but phantom entries on digital ledgers, and so its complete loss of purchasing power is inevitable. Without "money," the government can no longer enforce the will of its self-serving elites: orders will still flow in a furious flood to every corner of the land, but the legions to enforce the institutional corruption will be nothing but phantom entries on Imperial ledgers.

Once the government's ability to sustain its enforcement with money created out of thin air vanishes, the entire order vanishes along with it. The destruction of the value of central bank-created "money" is already ordained, for there is no limit on human greed and the desire to maintain control, and so governments will create their "money" in ever-increasing amounts until the value has been completely leached from the phantom digital entries.

The outlines of a better world are emerging, an arrangement that prioritizes something more than maximizing private gain and institutionalizing the corruption needed to protect those gains. We will relearn to live within our means, and relearn how to institutionalize opportunity rather than corruption designed to protect elites.

We will come to a new understanding of the teleology of centralized power, that centralized power only knows how to extend its power and so the only possible outcome is collapse. We will come to understand technology need not serve only monopolies, cartels and the state, that it could serve a sustainable, decentralized economy that does more with less.

The Federal Reserve will fail, just as the Roman gods failed to sustain the corrupt and bankrupt Roman elites. A host of decentralized, transparently priced non-state currencies will compete on the open market, just like goods, services and commodities. The Fed's essential role - serving the few at the expense of the many, under the cover of creating currency out of thin air - will be repudiated by the implosion of the economy as all the Fed's phantom "wealth" evaporates.
By Charles Hugh Smith, May 07, 2020,

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Meaning of Ascension

Given that everything is here and now, there is essentially no ascension to another level. We're already programmed for all levels and don't know it. We are already experiencing all levels, so there are no levels to attain to; none higher or lower; none greater or lesser. These are but linear concepts in a universe that is at once simultaneous and fused. We merely think of ourselves from the point of view of one particular level, or aspect – in our case, as physical beings in a third dimensional dense physical reality.

We are each, however, living within what could be called a personality construct. We have a body comprised of mental, emotional, and physical layers that are constantly in flux, ever changing. But our true essence is a vast spirit, a soulful presence with a consciousness that is eternal and infinitely expanding. No matter what form we take on, our consciousness goes with us and is ever evolving.

From our point of view, we have chosen to vibrate as a human aspect, but we can also simultaneously choose to vibrate as a soul aspect, as a group aspect, as a solar aspect, as a galactic aspect, or as a universal aspect, among unlimited identifying forms of expression. The totality of each of us is actually having many experiences on many different levels and dimensions at this moment.

Regardless of our perspective, we can always draw upon all that we need and require in the Earth dimension from every other level and expression of our existence. At the human level, we receive information from other levels of vibration in variable amounts, at different moments, as needed. It is our Greater Self that serves as an intermediary, distilling information from the spiritual realms in a way that we can understand and apply. There is much more influencing and interaction going on behind the scenes than we recognize, however. At no time do we have available to us anything less than an optimal level of spiritual support. All we need to do is remain open and stay tuned.

Ascension is then a matter of tuning. We may always make the choice to vibrate at a different “level” to express as a different aspect of the vastness of our being. The difference between our expression and that of a different “level” is only a matter of our rate of vibration. Like changing the frequency of a radio by moving the programming dial, we can entirely change the music at any time when we are ready. The radio will still be the same radio; the time will still be now; but we shall be dancing to an entirely different tune.

Monday, May 25, 2020

For the Love of our Elders

I have been a traveler since I was three weeks of age. Most weekends of my early years, my siblings and I would pile into the car after midnight on Friday night, when our father got home from work, to ride one hundred miles with our parents from our home in the city to “the country”. The destination was always the same – the little town of Sigel, where my father was raised as a boy, where I continue to live to this day.

During the first ten years of my life, we visited Uncle Dave Henderson at his farm on Spring Creek Road, where my father spent much of his formative years. Uncle Dave lived alone in a drafty old wood frame farm house, confined to a wheel chair because of an affliction he suffered earlier in life. He and his brother had been raftsmen during their early years in the late 1800's when timber was the main industry in this part of Pennsylvania. Dave and Bill would float the cut logs on the Clarion River down to the Allegheny River and on to the Ohio River in Pittsburgh, from where they likely walked or rode wagons the hundred miles to get back home. The forests in these parts provided the lumber needed to build our great nation late in the 19th century, some of which no doubt floated down the Mississippi River and frontiers beyond.

I absolutely loved to visit Uncle Dave all of those weekends as a little boy, so much that I would dream about the day when I could come stay with him and help him around the farm. Though he passed away before I reached the age of ten, many fond memories still bounce around in my head from those early times. Even though we arrived late at night, sometimes Dave would still be waiting up for us. We'd be sleepy little kids, for sure, but fought droopy eyes to stay awake and hear Uncle Dave tell stories while we nestled between our loving parents on the comforters stretched across the couch in front of the giant stove in the living room that kept the house toasty.

There were stories of wild wolves that howled at night close by, and stories of children who went into the woods and were never seen again. How could you sleep with tales like that! The extent of his stories knew no ending as he had lived a full life before becoming an invalid – lots of woodsy stories and adventures moving logs down the river as a young man.

My younger brother Donald and I didn't go into the woods alone (just in case there might still be some of those wolves around), but we did spend a lot of time exploring the barn – climbing in the rafters, shinnying up the big rope that hung from the rafters, jumping into piles of oats, looking in upon horses kept below in their stalls, and building intricate castles out of hay bales. We would dig for red worms for fishing, always abundant in the rich soil behind the old chicken coop where Don and I swatted wasps and collected their nests.

It was there that I learned how to look for spiders under the seat in the outhouse, there where I got to sit behind the steering wheel of an old Model T Ford in the garage, and there that I learned to love to climb apple trees. Dave was a good cook, so I got to experience some genuine old timey recipes that you never hear about anymore - like ponhaws and blood pudding. Any time we missed a weekend, Dave would write me a letter on his old typewriter and I would respond in my childish handwriting on some little note cards. After a lifetime of lots of my own memories, and moving around a fair amount, I still treasure some of those old keepsakes. The habit of regular correspondence has seemed to have stuck as well!

I've always had older people in my life that I admired and loved and sought to be more like. There is always something rich to be harvested when peering into the hollow ancient eyes of those who have lived long lives of struggle and joy. It is still important to me to stop and take the time to say “hello in there”, whether to a frail stranger or an old acquaintance or a fading relative.

So today is my 68th birthday. By the standard of many of my peers, I have reached old age, but when I look in the mirror I still see a dancing spirit ready to engage the world in adventure. While I have a pile of tales of my own to tell, I'm not yet ready to hang up my dreams and start talking 'bout the goodle days. I hope that I have learned a lot from the stream of elders that have come before and inspired me, and I hope I have listened closely enough and applied their generous wisdom to create a better version of what an old person should be – at least the best version of who I can be.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Here and Now

I know myself to be a vast, multidimensional being who creates experience moment to moment into timeless realities on many levels of vibration. Whether awake, dreaming, or lost in my own imagination, I recognize all to be a part of the world I create. Everything that is happening on all levels is happening within my own consciousness within the singularity of the here and now. The eternal creative moment is all there is, all there ever has been, and all there ever will be, so the only time I need to be aware of is 'right now'; the only place I need to focus upon is here; there is no there. It is the only experiential reality in which I actually exist. I am grounded in this awareness and presence here in the moment, calm and centered, prepared to receive any divine impression that comes my way.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Back Away From Hate

Striking a patriotic note on Memorial Day weekend, country music star Clint Black on Newsmax TV we need to "back away from the hate" as Americans, unveiling his new song "America (Still in Love With You)."

"This is kind of my hashtag 'back away from the hate' movement here," Black told "Saturday Report." "We need to remember how lucky we are, how many things we have in common, how few differences we really have."

The lyrics of his sure-to-be-a-hit single have patriotic and political undertones:
"We had a rocky start never certain it would last
We nearly came apart but now that's all in the past
We've stood the test of time and though it doesn't seem that long
We've toed the line for years now and we're still going strong
You've gotta know you're not alone
I'm still in love with you in spite of all our ups and downs
We've gone our separate ways but we've come back around
And even when we fight just a little or a lot
When it comes to friends you're the best one that I've got
And I'm still in love with you America
I'll still stand beside you when we don't see eye to eye
And I'll help to guide you when you can't see the light
And if fate again should find you with your back against the wall
Just let history remind you who'll be answering the call
You've gotta know you're not alone
I'm still in love with you even when you lose your way
There's nothing I won't do to bring you better days
In everything you are and anything you're not
When it comes to friends you're the best one that I've got
And I'm still in love with you America
We may seem too proud, get too loud
That's just what we do
Americans of every stripe
We're all red, white and blue
And I'm still in love with you with all our ups and downs
We've gone our separate ways but we've come back around
And even when we fight just a little or a lot
When it comes to friends you're the best one that I've got
And I'm still in love with you America"
"Our country's been through a lot," Black told host Grant Stinchfield. "It's made a lot of mistakes, but I believe as a whole we continually try to right the ship, and we need to appreciate that part of America.

"Let the politicians duke it out and let's be kinder to each other."

Ask whether it was disappointing this song needed to be written, Black said the lows help us all savor the highs of being Americans.

"I have two minds on that: If it never rained, you might not appreciate the sunshine," Black said. "We have to continually be reminded there are those out there who seek to do us harm, who hope for our failings, and we have to continually remind ourselves we have a lot to be proud of, even with our flaws."

Trusting the Voice Within

I have never found much peace or solace by going to a church service. It doesn't matter what denomination. Yet, when I have been alone in a church or sanctuary, alone to meditate or pray, I have often felt a deep sense of love and communion with my Creator. There is a powerful energy that dwells in many of these halls of prayer, if one is able to quiet the mind and listen. My quandary with being a faithful church-goer has been in not being able to find communion with the congregation at large, nor very often with the pastor or priest leading the service. When I used to go, it would be to seek the holy presence within my own body, with a whole bunch of other bodies. I needed to listen when I wished to commune with my Maker; in church, someone was always talking or the congregation would have to sing these solemn dirges in a key my voice couldn't reach. It was all too distracting from my higher purpose.

There is no judgment of those who fill the pews on holy days; it is just that their approach to celebrating a relationship with God is foreign to me. When I look around (while I am supposed to have my eyes closed in prayer) I can spot others who are both faithful to the ritual service and still personally attuned to the larger picture. There have been a few priests and preachers along the way that have held me spellbound with their heartfelt messages and metaphoric anecdotes, but they were exceptions. You can tell when someone lives from the heart, and when someone lives from their ego. Perhaps my discomfort at church stems from my perception that most church-goers and a large number of church leaders are lost in their own righteous ritual and dogma.

I believe most people appear as helpless, fearful sheep because that is what they have been taught to be. They are well-intentioned, but lost in fear and ignorance. We are not taught to listen to our hearts. And we are not taught to trust what we are hearing from within. No one in church or at school or at home has shown us how to look deeply within, to turn inward and hear the voice of God speaking to us at any time we need providence.

The presence within us is a gift, but we forget that something eternal lives within for as long as we draw breath. We forget that we are both male and female, light and dark, conscious and unconscious, human and angel, divine and animal. We forget that that which has created us is always a part of us, and that all we ever need do is to listen deeply to communicate directly with our Source.

History has been unkind to those who have trusted the voice within and heeded its call. These are my brothers and sisters; these are the ones across time that I find communion with. Joan of Arc began to hear the voices of Saints Michael, Catherine, and Margaret speaking to her within at age 13. She was but a little peasant girl in rural France in the early 15th century, probably never intending to do anything more than spin wool, marry, and raise children. By 17, those voices urged her to become involved in the struggle for the contested French throne in the Hundred Years War. She convinced Charles the Dauphin to allow her to command an army, which she led to spectacular victory in Orleans, paving the way for Charles to be crowned king. Joan was later wounded in battle and captured, sold to the English, and put on trial by the Inquisition. Tried as a witch and a heretic, convicted of the serious charge of cross-dressing, she was burned at the stake at age 19.

Joan is a personal hero of mine, and I hold her example high as something to aspire to. At her trial she said, “I die for speaking the language of the angels.” She wasn't on trial because of treason or war crimes charged against her. She was on trial because she had listened to a voice inside her, a voice that transcended the role she was supposed to follow. She listened closely and believed it enough to let it guide her. Twenty-five years later, her mother demanded a re-trial in which her daughter was declared innocent. Pope Benedict thereafter canonized her as a saint in 1920.

One can only guess what the language of the angels sounded like to Saint Joan, but it is a certainty that what she heard coming from her heart was to be not afraid. She demonstrated remarkable courage in her time to stand up with unbending conviction for what she knew to be true in her heart. The voice she heard freed her from any expectation projected onto her in the world she was born into. That voice connected her to her own inner world.

I was created in the image of the Creator, therefore I am of sacred essence. The Divine Mind flows through my being. I am within God, and God is within me, experiencing Itself through me. The voice that speaks to me can be nothing other than divinely inspired. Each of us has an inspiring voice within that is there to offer support, love, and guidance. It is the responsibility of each of us to listen to this voice, to validate it, and to act appropriately. This is the source of our true worth. It is our highest truth. Many in authority attempt to deny the validity of the God within that speaks to our every need if we listen. I am worthy enough to hear the words of God directly. I do not need a holy manuscript or any religious authority to intermediate or interpret my communication with my Creator within. I shall be God's champion and always follow the direction of my heart.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Path of the Heart

Life is what we do with this journey. The way it turns out is really up to us. What we are facing in the world today is really just wrong behavior, and our tolerance of it. The world often doesn't seem to have much of a heart. How do we get away from all the wrong behavior? The answer is by taking the right path. But so many paths are being offered to us. Which path should we choose?

There are so many different movements that come into play – different ideas, different concepts, different systems. If you don't like the way things are, what's your idea of the way it should be? What's better about what you believe?

Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with the system. We could make it work. All we really need to change is what's inside of each of us. If you can change what is inside, you change what is outside. It is not a matter of sitting down and meditating on the way you want things to be, awakening and finding the world is a much better place. It doesn't work that way. We each need to take the changes within and apply them to the outside world. That's why we signed up for this physical reality – so that we could participate! You exist – do something and make a difference.

If you apply your heart to every situation you find yourself in, you find you can effect change. It is our tolerance to wrong behavior that allows all of this to happen. It allows the system to do what it does. When we finally decide to look for a way out of this, we too often forget the main principle behind making change happen. There are lots of really great ideas, but if people don't change what is in their heart then it doesn't matter. We just end up back in the same spot.

If we change what is in our heart and change the way we interact with those around us, treat every person we come into contact with as we wish to be treated, then we change the world. We don't have to change anything else. The system has to change around us – if we choose the right path – and it has got to be a path of the heart.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Coronal Mass Ejection

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the corona of the sun. CME's often follow solar flares and are normally present during a solar prominence eruption. Do they hit earth? Sure – one most recently in 1859. What would happen if a CME strikes again?

The solar storm of 1859 (also known as the Carrington Event) was a powerful geomagnetic storm during Solar Cycle 10 (1855–1867). A solar coronal mass ejection hit Earth's magnetosphere and induced the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded on September 1–2, 1859. The storm caused strong auroral displays and wrought havoc with telegraph systems, essentially frying all the lines. A solar storm of this magnitude occurring today would cause unimaginably widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts and damage due to extended outages of the electrical grid.

A solar storm in 2012 was of similar magnitude, but it passed Earth's orbit without striking the planet, missing us by nine days. If the huge solar eruption in 2012 had hit the Earth, the effects would have been so devastating that those of us remaining would still be recovering from it. A huge CME or cloud of hot plasma erupted from the sun on July 23, 2012. The CME did go through Earth's orbit, and had it happened only nine days earlier, our planet would have been in the way and faced severe technological consequences.

There would have been three waves of damage associated with the extreme solar storm. First, X-rays and ultraviolet radiation from the solar flare would have produced radio blackouts and GPS navigational errors. The second part would have seen satellites fried by energetic particles like electrons and protons, arriving only minutes to hours later. Finally, magnetized plasma from the CME would have struck our planet within the next day. Power blackouts would have been devastating, wiping out the power grid, making it difficult to even flush the toilet because most urban areas use electric water pumps. Earth and its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate that the 2012 eruption happened when it did.

Experts generally expect a bad solar storm to reach Earth about once every century. Scientists drilling at the poles and taking ice core samples see the evidence of large solar flares hitting the Earth every 100-150 years. It seems we are overdue. A solar storm of the same magnitude as 1859 and 2012 occurring today would cause widespread electrical disruptions, blackouts and damage due to extended outages of the electrical grid.

Solar Cycle 25 should begin between mid-2019 and late 2020 and should reach its maximum between 2023 and 2026, when between 95 and 130 sunspots are projected. What are the chances that we experience a CME in the next decade? Probably good. It is all a roll of the dice, but there is an absolute 100 percent certainty it will happen at some time in the future.

How many people could die due to a large flare? When scientists are asked, their response is that should a large electromagnetic pulse (EMP) or geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) event occur due to a CME, as many as 9 out of 10 people in the United States could die. Civilization as we know it would essentially end along with our technological capabilities. But who knows? So, on that cheery note, open another bottle and pour me a glass, and would you pass the pretzels please?


I first took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test in 1994 in an interactive corporate management setting. Only two other members of upper management shared the same personality description that I tested out as. One was the founder and president of the company, who came up to me at some point later and said that it was too bad the two of us had not met sooner and built something great together. The gesture was sincere and provocative. One can only imagine what Mark and I could have dreamed up with the right timing and circumstances.

So what does it all mean? The Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator is a self-report test designed to identify a person's personality type, strengths, and preferences. The questionnaire was developed by Isabel Myers and her mother Katherine Briggs based on their work with Carl Jung's theory of personality types. It is the standard used by 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies and with more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement. It provides positive language for understanding and valuing individual differences. With practical insight that’s easy to understand and implement, the MBTI assessment has helped thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world improve how they communicate, learn, and work.

My Type is I N F J, perhaps the rarest type of them all, shared by only one percent of the population. In broad terms, the questionnaire concluded that I am Introverted, iNtuitive, Feeling, and Judging, which in turn means I am thought-oriented, reserved, reflective and observant; I am imaginative, future-oriented, conceptual, and abstract; I am empathetic, accepting, warm, and I value harmony; and I am organized, systematic, achievement-oriented, and a definte planner. Generally, it says I am warm and caring, organized and able to juggle many responsibilities, highly intuitive, creative and imaginative, and nuturing and patient.

Among those in the one percent that I share this Type with are Carl Jung, Mahatma Gandhi, Plato, Tolstoy, J.K. Rowling, Doestoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, Eleanor Roosevelt, Ron Paul, Al Pacino, Michael Landon, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sidney Poitier, Nicole Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tom Selleck, Mel Gibson, Billy Crystal, Cate Blanchett, Taylor Swift, George Harrison, Peter Townsend, Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, Leonard Cohen, and composer John Williams. Many of my favorite celebs, interestingly.

Much is written about each of the Types. We can dig down as far as we like to better understand our strengths, proclivities, and potential. What I read about the INFJ fits like a glove. In short, INFJ's are dreamers whose genius, caring, and concern can be an inspiration to many other people. In social situations of every stripe the INFJ's quiet strength is very noticeable by others. An INFJ's driving force is their iNtuition, which is directed inward (Introverted), generating a never-ending stream of possibilities and ideas. The more and INFJ introverts, the more life opens up, but the external world may have a way of interrupting the flow of inspiration and creativity because INFJ's feel called upon to render service to humanity (Feeling) in a very orderly and demanding way (Judging). Spot On.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Disclosure is Coming

The photo above with the little Zeta Reticulan grey announces that Alien Disclosure is Coming SOON. Even if you aren't in complete denial, with your head in the sand and hands over your ears, this may still come as a shock. To wonder aloud if there is other life in the universe or to think that we are alone in all of God's creation is simply ignorant and naive. There are countless other extraterrestrial beings and civilizations and even more planetary bodies with life that has not advanced along the evolutionary path very far or that does not resemble what we would describe as living. Not only is the universe teeming with active life forms, many of them are much further along the evolutionary path than we here on earth. Off-world beings have interacted with the earth for longer than we have been here; they have even been interacting with our government and others since after World War II so that planet earth today has extensive trade relationships with hundreds of other civilizations, not only in our own solar system, but throughout our galaxy, and perhaps beyond. If you don't already know this it is only because the powers that be in the government of the people and beyond the government have chosen not to share knowledge with you. But the world is changing, of necessity. It is now becoming necessary that everyone on earth knows about intergalactic relationships and the exchange activity that has been going on.

Be prepared to rethink much of what you believe to be true - about EVERYTHING. “For your own good”, disclosure will proceed to trickle out as a measured bleedout. The protocol will be gradual. Full disclosure of the whole truth would send civilization into a frightening tail spin. The whole truth is literally too much for most to handle. So, expect society to be spoon-fed a little at a time to make the medicine of such dramatic change easier to swallow. People are ready for some information, but the Department of Defense and Military Intelligence has decided, based upon social and psychological demographics, that a reduced amount of truthful information would be more digestible to a larger portion of the population than the whole truth all at once.

What can the public expect? Disclosure may occur in one of two ways. Either we have a “take me to your leader” event, or we have a hoax invasion. There is a lot of discussion about what the better plan is – which is more controllable and which has more loose ends. We will all find out when it happens! What is known is that those (earthlings) in charge of making this decision are ethically and morally good people, as opposed to people with bad intent only interested in their own bank accounts.

What is also known is that the Secret Space Program (SSP) is the tip of the spear regarding disclosure. The SSP stands to benefit the most from public awareness of their programs. The main reason is personnel shortfalls. The SSP needs more bodies in space – millions more of us are needed to fill occupational roles already established in space. It is all about jobs. Classified covert recruitment, which has been the way they have largely been staffing space operations, is not adequate to fulfill the needs in space that are being projected for the next five to ten years. The only option that will satisfy the need is open enlistment, and in order for open enlistment to happen we are going to have to have disclosure.

It is unlikely that everything about SSP operations will be disclosed to the public, for much the same reason that the military maintains a high degree of secrecy and classification of its projects and activity. Recruitment will be targeted and selective, focusing on specific job descriptions like military infantry, medical personnel, engineers, IT, and computer tech – whatever the need is at the time - bodies to fill boots to fill jobs so that we can continue to progress with the plan to expand further and further into space.

The SSP has an overriding objective to secure safety, security, prosperity, and stability, both here on earth and in space. The only way to guarantee that is by an expansion of territorial boundaries within which we have military effect. The larger we can expand that boundary, the more security we will have in this part of the galaxy. Implicit within this is an understanding that there are “bad guys” in space, just like here on earth, and that we as a species are very good at military engagement. Humans are viewed as talented warriors by other civilizations and so we fill a much needed defensive security niche in this corner of the universe.

Much of the high tech and AI that the SSP utilizes in space will be shared with us on the home planet. The only question is how much and how fast. Civilians have always benefited by advances made by the military and NASA. Soon we will be exposed to unbelievable technology developed in space, or secured in exchange from other civilizations, that will benefit our well-being and prosperity – medical tech, information tech, free energy, advanced aeronautical and transportation tech, AI, and advanced weaponry and exo-bodysuits.

The medical advancements that we have achieved in space, for instance, will totally revolutionize health care on the planet. For instance, the reason that casualty rates during military engagements in space is so low is that if there is an injury or a loss of body parts they already have the tech to quickly heal or grow back what was lost and send the soldier right back onto the battlefield. Imagine crawling into a tanning bed-like apparatus and being healed of all degenerative diseases in one treatment or growing back a finger you cut off or growing a new liver or growing back new teeth that have been lost. Disease will be as easily treated as the doctor aboard the Enterprise on Star Trek – Bones – waving his tri-corder and quickly releasing you from sick bay. Truth is cooler than fiction.

The protocol has essentially been gradual, gradual, gradual, gradual... until it's not. Expect to see little leaks of information until we have a major event. Once an event occurs there will be an opportunity to accelerate the release of information to go from gradual to big chunk. The nature of the event is not completely agreed upon. It will not be random, but occur as the result of a controlled plan. According to best sources, we should see something that we have never seen before on a level that reaches most people on the planet sometime within the next six to twenty-four months. It should be a worldwide event that no one can deny or explain away.

A certain amount of mayhem is probably unavoidable. A lot of people are going to be angry that they have been lied to, not to mention that people inherently fight change. The impact on the spiritual community alone is going to be huge and unpredictable. Contingencies are established to deal with a broad spectrum of anticipated public reaction. If history is any guide, then most people will come to accept a huge change such as this within the first ninety days. They may not like it and complain, but their reaction is fairly predictable. There is perhaps still fifteen percent of the population that are a concern and unpredictable. The bottom line is that we are not going to know how it all plays out until it happens.

After ninety days, most people will become habituated and generally accept the new way that things have become. Things will normalize. You will go outside and look up into the sky and see space ships and not give them a second glance. Time will sort out the rest.

The inevitability of full disclosure, once everyone on earth acknowledges that they have become citizens of the galaxy, is that the planet as a whole will become more unified – with a single currency and a single economic system. There will be some uncomfortable adjustments, but we will become one global operating system – One World – because it will be more efficient and stable, far more productive, and less chaotic than under a system of a bunch of sovereign nation-states. This is not the same as the globalization agenda we see competing with capitalism in the world today. There will be no place for leadership with selfish or bad intentions. Resources will be abundantly available to all citizens and poverty will come to an end worldwide, which in turn will reduce crime to almost non-existent. Suffering will largely disappear and the level of consciousness on the planet will naturally move up. By eliminating the blocks to development, we will be able to emotionally, spiritually, and socially evolve with more ease.

A huge change is coming. There may very likely be a conflictive and/or disruptive phase with all of this. But once we get past the bumps in the road, humans are destined to become more accepting of one another as we unify and are brought together with off-world beings. We are all of one family ultimately.

One of the things that will bring this about will be what is termed the “Exchange Program”. There will first be a number of academic extraterrestrials that will come here to freely share their information and bring the planet up to speed with the rest of the intergalactic community. But more importantly, millions upon millions of earth citizens will be chosen to go on four to five year trips to other worlds to learn about that culture, to learn about their civilization, to learn about their technology, and then do the equivalent of writing a Masters thesis or books on the subject, and then come back to earth. Once the Exchange Program begins and millions of terrestrial citizens return after five years away to other worlds, with millions of stories, millions of books from other worlds, and millions of research documents, there is no way to calculate the influence that all of that will have. It will certainly change consciousness on this planet in a way that we have never experienced before. While one cannot specifically anticipate the effects of such an exchange, one has to believe they will be more positive than negative.

So - tick, tick, tick. Suspend disbelief and hold onto your seat. Disclosure and change are coming SOON.

U.S. Space Force Recruitment

"Maybe your purpose on this planet... is not on this planet”

Monday, May 18, 2020

Levels of Awareness

Right now we may be experiencing the greatest awakening of consciousness on the planet since the days of Atlantis. Everyone is feeling it. No one has escaped the current crisis. It is pretty incredible when you think about the scale of it. Now is the time that all of us have been waiting for, whether we know it or not.

There are three ways that people are responding to the significant changes we are experiencing in the world at the moment. These three levels of response are a good indicator of just how awake one is in their awareness of the larger picture. One's level of response has a correspondence with the variable dimensions currently being experienced on the earth at this time – the 3rd dimensional frequency, the 4th dimensional frequency, and the 5th dimensional frequency. The effect of one's vibrational response has an impact on one's frequency level.

The first level largely expresses in the third dimension. We all know 3D; that's where we live. It is a world of polarity – rich and poor, good and bad, right and wrong, ugly and pretty; colored by hate, fear, and attachment to the physical world. If you look around in your quarantined space right now, this is it. We can't necessarily get rid of the third dimension or we would literally not be existing on this planet. If you don't understand that it is really all just an illusion, and if you attach yourself too much to what is going on in this matrix reality, then you can get sucked into the anxiety and depression that lead to things that are not really in your higher interest.

Individuals who are stuck in the third dimensional frequency are generally the ones who are freaking out right now during this coronavirus crisis. If there is a silver lining to the epidemic it's that it is an event that is helping purge the fears of a lot of people. The greatest fear in all of this is the fear of dying. The crisis has had such a huge impact because most people have this fear of dying from the awful contagion.

Probably 90 percent of the human population is operating from this third dimensional frequency. They are attached to their lifestyle. They are also very attached to their personal identities, whether it is that of being a mom, or having a job, or a sports fan, or whatever. The big problem is that everything that those stuck in 3D have built their lives around is collapsing all around them right now. Every aspect of daily living has been disrupted and it creates this great anxiety and fear. Level one people are seeing their identities collapse along with the rest of the social fabric. It is really the death of their ego, and it shocks most people when they come face to face with it.

What we are witnessing today is the worst case scenario for most people in the world – the fear of losing everything, maybe even life. Many people are so attached to their world that they are allowing themselves to collapse with it; they can't handle the change; they just want everything to go back to the way it was. But this isn't the first time such a thing has happened. Throughout our lives we are constantly creating a new identity and then attaching ourselves to whatever it is that we are creating. Who you are now is likely not who you were years ago. Your old ego may have died a thousand deaths to reach where it is now.

When whatever you are attaching to collapses, what do you do? How do end the cycle?

The more work you have done on detaching from this physical reality, the easier it is going to be getting through this and moving on. If you've done the work, this is not going to impact you as much because you've learned to go with the flow.

The second way of responding to a crisis like we are experiencing is to first of all have compassion for those who are stuck in fear and really have no idea what is going on. Second level people are different in that they are not consuming so much media that does little more than perpetuate the falsity of what's happening. They are perceiving from a different perspective, call it the fourth dimensional frequency. People of this perceptive level are awakening, but they are not awakened yet.

Most of the rest of the 10 percent operate from this level. We've discovered that life is a journey of awakening that we seemingly will always be on. This is a weird in-between phase of awareness. Someone from this level doesn't necessarily agree with everything they are being told about what is going on. They put very little credibility in the mass media. They are not as attached to the physical reality we call 3D and they are exist somewhat of a step above all the fear. Things are still collapsing around them and life may still suck in a lot of ways, but at the same time they sense that something greater is going on. They feel it. This leads to questions. Their gut is telling them that something just doesn't figure anymore. Maybe it takes something like this mass event to awaken that part of us that stops and pays attention to the voice within.

When you get yourself out of this fear trap, you can begin to ask why this is all happening. What is happening is that more and more people who have never questioned anything in their lives are starting to question things. Second level people are the ones the media refers to as “conspiracy theorists” - the ones who turn down drinking the cool aid and suspect unseen agendas behind the curtain. These are the black sheep that go against the flow of the sheeple in the first level. These are the bah- bah- bad people, persecuted by the elite and media for questioning the prevailing paradigm.

The vibrational frequency of the planet is increasing, which is having a resonant effect on every living creature calling earth its home. Frequency varies from moment to moment. We all hold a certain level of vibration based upon what we focus upon. Many of us shift all the time between the third, fourth, and fifth vibrational dimensions. I like to think I have spent most of my life at a frequency that corresponds to the second level of questioning. But with the vibration of the planet pulling all of us up, I know that I am spending more and more time holding the higher vibration of fifth dimensional frequency. Far from being enlightened, I am confidently growing in that direction.

At the third level of perceptual response – fifth dimensional frequency – people are excited. Third level people know that all of this suffering and pain needs to happen in order for this epic and incredible awakening to take place. There are a lot of conspiracies out there that may or may not be fact-based, but a third level person doesn't perceive any of them as worth the energy to pass judgment on. They are removing themselves from polarity consciousness; it no longer matters whether something is right or wrong, good or bad, or what have you. A third level person is just happy that all of this is finally happening... after a long and patient wait.

Are people fearful, questioning, or showing uncontained excitement for what is happening right now? That is how you can quickly determine their level of spiritual awareness at this juncture of earth's ascentive process. I am excited and optimistic virtually all of the time. What is going on is why I signed up to come to earth at this time. Finally, the time has arrived, and I'm so excited to be a part of it.

I am generally maintain a state of great happiness, moment to moment, relatively unaffected by all the collapse and anxiety around me. Not very much is changed in my life. Life goes on as before as I mostly focus on my own joy – which for me is trail running, writing, playing guitar, reading, and watching old movies. Just being the best me I can be is my mission. But I as I seek my joy, I am always mindful of my responsibility to hold a fifth dimensional vibration while standing in this third dimensional field. That is my job in these days. That is my contribution to the great awakening and ascentive process. Namaste!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Living a Kairos Life in a Chronos World

Everything we do is marked by the steady march of time. Seconds lead to minutes to hours to days to weeks to years to decades to centuries. The problem for each of us is that the clock is always running in the wrong direction, and we simply cannot stop its precipitous crawl toward the next tick. We lose moments to the past with regret, out of our reach, never to be regained. Where did all the years go? Did I miss out on my chance to make a difference?

The Greek language has a couple of words that mean "time." The first is essentially clock time - chronos. It means the chronology of days, governed by the carefully calculated sweep of the earth around the sun. It is linear and sequential, and a good foundation for our egos to hold onto. Then there is kairos time, which is sacred time – non-linear, aligned with the higher part of ourselves. It is the soul's timing and works naturally, without force or contrivance.

When we stand back to assess our lives and evaluate how far we have come and what we have achieved, we do so with respect to chronos time. Each of us can judge that we hit certain milestones and missed others. Some of the things we expected did not come to pass, so maybe there are disappointments and regrets and the weight of baggage that we seem destined to bear to the end. If one could only unload this baggage and be free of the mistakes and shortcomings of the past, it would all be so much easier.

What shifts the weight of our baggage is simply acknowledging it. Owning the baggage of a particular event or crisis that our soul needed to live through allows us to claim it. And only by claiming it can we then let it go.

Only by letting go of many of the stories that have been defining us and confining us can we align our identity with our deeper truth – the soul story that lies beneath the surface drama of who we are according to our ego. There are always things we think we could have done differently, done better. Dive right into them to catch a glimpse of the underlying story our soul is living out. When we listen to our soul story we can release the idea that life is something happening to us. We can reclaim the power to steer a better course through the high seas of life.

In order to change the perception of just what is possible, we must claim what it is that has weighed us down and just what excuses we have been relying upon to keep us closed and unworthy of love. The baggage that we all hide from is, in effect, our own personal soul story, one that is unfolding perfectly in sacred time. If life has not turned out precisely as you expected, free yourself from the burden of regret by acknowledging that you are exactly where you need to be.

It doesn't mean that life might not be painful or frustrating, but what you need to take from this is that you have the power, no matter at what point in life that you are – you have the power to change your life instantly – now – simply by changing your perspective.

All those excuses used as reasons not to love yourself are but lessons to challenge, refine, and even polish your soul. Those stories that are hard to let go of – acknowledge them, then let them go. Love yourself when you look in the mirror, enough to see that you deserve much more than to dwell on them and punish yourself with regret. You own the stories that have kept you in hiding. These are the narrative of your soul's journey.

It is time to clean out your inner closets. Dig through the piles and lay the contents of your life at your feet. This is everything that makes you what you are and what you will be able to do and become.

Consider perhaps the most important question you have ever asked yourself: If you didn't have baggage – if you didn't have dark stories that give you shame and regret – how would you ever practice the power of love??? What if every traumatic event we have endured, every regretful choice we have made, is actually an opportunity for the soul to spread its wings and fly high???

We lift the weight of whatever it is that has held us down by CHOOSING to believe that everything in our lives has happened for the development and growth of our soul. Everything that has happened – the good, the bad, and the ugly – has happened for a reason at the exact time it needed to happen in our lives. Everything.

In the end, there is really only one thing of importance in life – cultivating the capacity to love. If your bag is full of regrets and heartaches and what-ifs, maybe it is time to empty it out and fill it with love. That's all you can take with you when you leave this life, so that is all you really need to travel through it. Unload all that you do not need. Travel light!

The Spartan Warrior in Me

I must have been a Spartan warrior in a former life. It is a lifestyle and mindset that suits me, and maybe always has. Being a Spartan in...