Sunday, April 4, 2021

Shifting Vibrational Manifestation

In one respect, the entire international drama over what has been termed a pandemic has been confounding, but mostly it is sad to see just how far removed the majority of people are from an understanding of how it all works. No one needs to be sick – ever. When a person comes to an understanding that we can each manifest whatever it is that we wish at any time, there should no longer be any need for illness.

You create your own reality. It is how the universe works. No one is ever a victim. We choose either sickness or well-being. Why choose sickness, unless it serves you to learn an important life lesson? Wake up. Learn to raise your vibration and the simplest experiences of day-to-day life will become better and better and better as your life and relationships are healed. It truly is that simple.

Sickness is the manifestation of negative thinking in the physical body. If you see yourself other than as one with Source, if you see your physical body as anything less than the perfection of All That Is, if you are disconnected by your own perceived separation from God, then the body becomes a great place where you can project your fears and limitations so that you can physically see them and come to understand exactly what they are.

A shift of consciousness will heal the body. Don't worry if you don't understand the principle. Don't fret just because this sounds too esoteric. Understand that the way you feel at any given moment can be changed – changed by you – changed by the way you think – by changing what you focus on and what you believe to be true.

What does vibrational manifestation involve? Simply that lower vibrations feel bad, while higher vibrations feel good. So find a way to feel better by choosing to shift what you focus on. Do it today. Start right now.

You don't need some great spiritual revelation. As creative beings created in the image of our Creator, we each have all we need to change things. Seek that which you can do in the next minute that will make you feel better (without the use of drugs, alcohol, or media stimulation). It has to come from within – from your consciousness – not from without. A shift in vibration requires you to think about something differently. Entertain the notion that perhaps you feel bad because you have been looking at the world in the wrong way and that there is, in fact, nothing wrong with the world; the problem is the way you have been taught to look at it. Retrain your mind to look at the world in a different way to begin to feel relief from suffering.

This simple understanding and simple technique is something you can begin right now to wake from the suffering you experience and shift your consciousness so that your world will literally shift right before your eyes. You are responsible for how you feel in this moment, in this time and place. You are responsible for your state of being.

You have arrived where you are because of your focus moment to moment. Your internal guidance system – the little voice within – is forever reminding you when you are and when you are not in alignment. Know that you have created the situation you find yourself in. Listen closely to your thoughts, judgments, and assessments of people, places, and things. See whether you can spot where negative ideas live in your mind and where negative sayings are repeated within you over and over again. This is where you can shift not only your consciousness and your vibration, but also the manifestations you experience in your body and how you see the world through the people you interact with and experiences you have. Pay attention. You have ultimate control over every moment of your life. You are the captain; you steer the boat. Pay attention so you don't run aground.

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