Friday, April 2, 2021

The Power of the Mind

People who are experiencing sickness focus their attention on sickness because they do not understand that sickness is caused by negative beliefs and negative thoughts repeated over a period of time. Focusing positive, loving, and pure thoughts on the same area can effect a reversal of a condition.

All of your environment in every way, shape, and form is coming from your mind. So a mind that is in absolute connection to God, to Source, to All That Is, and that is completely aware of the laws of manifestation can change anything. Changing the weather is no more difficult than changing the television station.

There is nothing that I did that is not feasible for you all, given clarification, given study, given focus, and given understanding. The miracles I performed are not as miraculous as you think they are when you begin to comprehend that everything you see is playing out in your mind as a dream, for you know that in the dream state, in your normal sleeping experience, you can change things instantaneously as soon as you realize you are dreaming.

You do not comprehend that this idea of lucid dreaming can also apply to your life as you live it now. That is all I was doing: I was expressing my ability to lucidly dream in what you consider reality. However, as you raise your consciousness out of the physical realm and into the higher realms, it appears to be another kind of dreaming that the world exists in. As you pass over to the afterlife experience, into the life-after-life experience, your life will be recalled as a dream, just as you do when you wake from sleeping. When you pass over into the nonphysical, when you return to the higher realms, you remember your life as if it were a dream. You have the ability to change your dream, but you must understand how the system works.

When the mind is in tune with that which is creation, with that which is connected to All That Is making all that is observable, there is no problem in manipulating objects and in transforming objects. When you realize that this is a vibrational result of being in touch with truth, you understand that your world can be shifted in any way.

The principle that I was teaching in my ministry is that the kingdom of heaven is within. The kingdom of heaven is the idea that your world is exactly as you want it: full of love, wonderful relationships, abundance, and joy. That kingdom is contained within your mind, just as the resistance to that kingdom is contained within your mind.

That is what my ministry was all about. I was showing the potential that the human mind can create, the absolute end result of the connection to Source, connection to love, and connection to creativity.

Jesus, My Autobiography, pp. 106, 110, 114-115

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