Thursday, August 12, 2021

A World at War

The world is at war. But the war we are in is very unique. Most people do not even acknowledge that we are in the midst of a serious engagement with a very formidable enemy. All other wars – every one of them, as far back as you want to look – have been theater within a much larger actual war. The actual war involves a very small group of thirteen family bloodlines and their minions, totaling perhaps only two to three million persons worldwide, actively engaged in actions to support the continuance of the control the rest of humanity.

This war is unique in that we are now fighting these globalists toe-to-toe. Previous wars between nations were essentially members of the various elite families pitting their domain and resources against another member... in other words, in-fighting between globalists to expand their individual control. This is the machine we and our fathers, our grand-fathers, and our great grand-fathers have lived in. One of the original whistle-blowers was USMC Major General Smedley Butler who said after WWI that “war is a racket”. They've got us fighting and killing each other for their expanding benefit so that they don't have to do it.

Since at least the end of World War II there has been a Self-Organizing Collective (SOC) of mostly military individuals that has been battling the actions of the globalists (the Cabal). Battling the great powers that be has not been without significant risk, and they have suffered setback after setback over the past 75 years, peaking with the tragic assassination of JFK. In recent years, this Collective has been coming out more and more, gaining in strength and momentum, building upon the military intelligence of many nations. The SOC was aware and active in the 1970's, finding its direction after JFK, building and growing in the 1980's, then getting very active in the 1990's. In order for this Collective to become known and gain popular support to further build momentum, at some point it had to create a pathway for channeling to the peoples of the world the enormous amount of information that has heretofore been withheld by the powers that be, so that the populace can be involved in the ultimate counterinsurgency against the ruling Cabal. In order to do this, the SOC needed to announce its existence, not to the enemy, but to potential patriots; it needed to announce that it was actively engaged in this war and that it sought to recruit a following among the general population.

Because this war is essentially a battle between truth and lies, the SOC has had to be very, very precise so as to never misrepresent the truth. One can never tell lies because they would undo the SOC later on. This precision to be truthful has actually been a burden in the proliferation of the SOC's growth of ideas. On October 31, 2017, the SOC formally announced itself. Military Intelligence had to do this in a particular way; it did this in a brilliantly effective way - with the first posting by Q.

There were four phases of information dissemination that ended when the information war went active. In order to support the information war, actual physical assets have now been pre-positioned so that it will remain an information war and not devolve into actual physical violence between people. That is where we find ourselves right now.

It had been the objective of the powers that be to create a war that would have gone nuclear to take out cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and Denver. Had Hillary Clinton been the President, this was what the country would have seen already. The Cabal never expected her to lose. The country would have been in chaos. Then they planned to hit us with a bioweapon. Covid was purposefully created as a tool to wipe out 90% of the world's population. It is not a virus and has never been isolated as a virus. This plan to use a bioweapon has actually been in the works since 1904. This is where we are today.

So where does Trump fit into all of this? Donald Trump is still the President; he's just not in charge. Donald Trump was selected by the SOC; after seeing that Trump attempted to run for President on his own when he was much younger, the SOC sought him out as far back as the 1990's, vetted him well, groomed him, and finally recruited him as their vehicle to spearhead the second American revolution. As far back as 2012, Trump had been read in completely on what was going on so as to make sure he was 100% convinced about the SOC, and vice versa. Trump knew that by his commitment he would be placing his life as well as that of his family and those that worked for him at considerable risk of death.

This business is all about challenging a longstanding established empire of bad intent that will do whatever necessary to keep its control. The SOC and Trump had to be very, very sure before moving to take down the world Cabal. Trump determined that the SOC was serious and knew what it was doing. At that point, in 2012, a critical alliance was established and Trump was slotted into a role to play the President and be the face and voice that would attract those it needed to recruit for the counter-insurgency. Not only that, but Trump had to play the perfect troll against the enemy class to rouse their ire. He had to execute things that were planned in advance on cue to destroy the enemy class' 16-year plan – eight years of Obama and eight years of Hillary. It may be the toughest acting role that any human has ever played.

Had Hillary been President during the second eight years, we would all now be under the control of the United Nations. The US was to have been divided into twelve regions, closely patrolled by UN soldiers. The way of life we have come to take for granted would be over, along with our great democracy. The bioweapon that we are now experiencing would have been used to reduce 90% of the world population over a relatively short time. The plan was to hold us all in lock-down between 2020 and 2025. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide would already have died. Any survivors would have been forced to take further vaccines with spiked proteins and nano-technology for complete control.

Trump and the SOC were knowledgeable of the Cabal's 16-year plan, short-circuiting the whole thing. So the question was, how were they going to derail this plan and take down the enemy? The answer may seem contrary, but in order to ultimately foil this plan the SOC had to let the enemy class appear to succeed. They had to let them steal the election. They had to let them politicize the bioweapon. Why? So that the general population could see first hand the intent of those that many, if not most had put their trust and faith in. By letting them win the election, everyone can now see the enemy's moves, because they have no choice but to move out in the open as they attempt to catch up on time lost during Trump's four-year interruption.

The whole point is to get those who witness what is actually going on to be on the SOC's side. You cannot pull off a military coup without popular support. It is a tedious process that tests the patience of those in the know, but that is what we are currently engaged in. The SOC and Trump knew that by relinquishing control after a fraudulent election, millions of people would ultimately take the vaccines, and many would succumb as a result. From a military perspective, the SOC has always been aware of the alternative. We may yet have hundreds of millions die from the vaccines, but we will not have billions die as was planned by the Cabal. Such is the nature of war, even an information war, and these are unfortunate casualties. Sadly, many of them may be friends, neighbors, and family.

The SOC determined that there was no better way. However horrific one may view this strategy, it is at least currently proving itself successful. Had it not been approached in this manner, we would not now be seeing global protests; we would not be seeing people waking up en masse and becoming aware. We would not be seeing people standing up and saying NO. Lives are being saved, though we'll never be able to count them. We are at least not in a hot war in which the death count may have been higher due to violence between people.

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