Sunday, August 15, 2021


The United States, along with the rest of the Western world, has been attacked. Echoing the words of Donald Trump, it was a greater attack than what we suffered at Pearl Harbor and greater than what we suffered with 911. While most of the citizens of the United States do not acknowledge it yet, we are engaged in the most significant war of our entire history. It will not be long before things break out and the majority will quickly become aware of the implications of this war and of the vast amount of things that have been hidden from them.

We have two Presidents at the moment, and two militaries, one of which has been infiltrated by an enemy that wishes to destroy both our democracy and our way of life. The Secretary of Defense just last week ordered that every member of the military would be vaccinated in the next week or two. The Commandant of the Marine Corps responded that that was not going to happen, thus illustrating the duality in full view.

Trump won the election – hugely – yet we still have to deal with Biden to “let the cheat go through”... not only to expose the cheat to the broad general populace in order to get the majority to side with the military that is not under Biden's control. It was also necessary to let the cheat go through to see exactly who was involved with it at a peripheral level when people exposed themselves. Letting the cheat go through also flushed out world leaders who were aligned with the infiltration class. It is all theater. Not a bit of it is substantial. Biden is President but does not control the military or the launch codes; Biden does not reside in the White House nor fly around in Air Force One. Trump continues in the shadows as THE President, as the play continues and the real military works its strategy.

That strategy goes by the official name of DEVOLUTION. It is a word that we all will become more and more familiar with before the looming curtain call. The dictionary defines devolution as the transference of rights, powers, properties, and responsibilities by surrender of the centralized government to local authorities.

The American plan of devolution is operative and underway. It has been in the works in terms of design, discovery, and objectives since 1947, soon after Earth started experiencing a rash of UFO sightings. The concept behind it comes from what was at that time the OSS, which then became the CIA. The plan was presented to President Harry Truman under the hypothetical concern for “what happens if we are invaded from outer space and aliens take over our minds?” The aim was to establish protocol for determining if government officials have been captured with mind control techniques and what to do about it.

The underlying purpose of Devolution is ultimately the continuity of government and the continuity of the nation.  A general plan for Devolution was worked out and has undergone a refinement over the course of the time since then. It doesn't really matter whether the agency involved in mind control is an alien race or that of another country that has infiltrated and taken over parts of the government and the populace. The established criteria, contingencies, and protocol are the same.

Evidence to substantiate that the United States has been infiltrated by foreign actors with objectives to take over the country has been officially verified. The military's obligations under this longstanding plan are clear; actionable intelligence has been sufficient to initiate an intercession for taking back the country by the military under Trump's command from those who have infiltrated and seek to destroy it.  We will soon be looking at a hard stop to many of the harmful directives and mandates of the infiltration class.

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