Wednesday, August 11, 2021

On Forgiveness... from A Course In Miracles

Today, see through the eyes of love.

When you’re walking past crowded streets, see all humans around you as your divine family. Send them some love.

When you’re walking past trees and greens, see all plants and every single blade of grass in your sight as your divine family. Send them love.

See children playing in your local park? Recognize them as young and brilliant lights of your divine family. Send them love.

Old neighbor, divine family. Little puppy that stays next door, divine family. Send love.

When you’re feeling utterly tired or drained out, call upon God, the angels, your guides, ascended masters, galactics, and all of your cosmic support staff; your divine family.

Send them love. And then, send YOU (yourself) love.

And now, something to challenge all of you challenge-happy masterful souls.

See your bossy employer? Recognize them too as your divine family. Send them love and wisdom.

Local corrupt politician? Divine family. Send them love and wisdom.

Ex-lover whom you had a bitter break-up with? Divine family. Send them love and wisdom.

School bully who ruined your life? Divine family. Send them love and wisdom.

Alright, still too easy. Let’s up the ante to the very max now.

Terrorist who shot up a bunch of innocent people? Divine family. Send them love and healing.

Celebrity pedophile? Still divine family. Send them love and healing.

Revolting pedophile cannibal monster who is also an abominable power-crazy psychopath? Still divine family. Send them love and healing.

Why forgive such people? Because forgiveness is freedom from the karmic wheel. Why forgive such cold-hearted ones at all? Because in another lifetime (or even this one), it was YOU who were the cold-hearted one (who was eventually forgiven by a large-hearted one!) Why forgive still? Because we are not perfect either (as much as we’d like to think). And, to quote Jesus Christ: “Let he who hath NEVER sinned cast the first stone first!”

If that guy can do it while being nailed to a literal cross, so can we do it from the comfy confines of our cozy couch. Besides, we are all masters ourselves (or this message wouldn’t even be within your reading range right now). And only a master can forgive the worst of the worst (for the best of the very best reasons). The master does it first, the collective (student) consciousness follows. And that’s how we collectively make ascension happen.

Find every last shred of courage and kindness and compassion left within your heart and just go do it. Even if a tiny bunch of us can take this great leap today, we’ll have a 100,000,000,000,000,000 times (energetically) brighter reality tomorrow and you all already know this!

If the One Infinite Creator, the most powerful of the most powerful, has enough humility and love within them to forgive; why not us? Of course we can do this. We are masters of love and light after all. Nothing can stop us but us! So, it is time that we showed some heart, and displayed that epic little skill set of ours (in all of its magnificent glory) to ourselves first and foremost! (Because if not me, and if not you; then just who?)

P.S. Nobody becomes EVIL or IGNORANT “just because”. Imagine how badly some event or the other must have separated these individuals from the very SOURCE of all LOVE! i.e. from GOD itself. Many celebrities and terrorists and such that we so despise have been forcefully indoctrinated, raped, threatened, blackmailed (“we’ll kill / torture you or your loved ones if you don’t comply”) and whatnot. Many beings of the negative alignment have become so because they simply could NOT find the light within. But WE of the light-kind CAN. And THIS is how it’s really even done! NOT through some egoistic idea of being some kinda crazy sword brandishing psycho-type “light warrior” that goes in and straight up slaughters folks; BUT INSTEAD through being of the highest levels of LOVE, LIGHT, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, TRUTH, WISDOM, and UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS! And that’s how we’ll get to our First Contact with the ET's too (which, I believe most readers on here are already well aware of by now). Also, forgiveness so does NOT equal mindless “acceptance” or “tolerance” of that which is negative. It just means setting someone free; and setting ourselves free along with that. And if they don’t accept this opportunity regardless; well, Justice Karma is there to fix that mess in any case. Not exactly our problem to worry about, here.

Taking our power back as a Master is a lot like being a top-tier Martial Artist. Sure, you can easily beat up every single person that you meet on the street. And yet, you choose to stay calm instead; ONLY using your power (as a very LAST RESORT), in either self-defense; or whilst rushing to defend an innocent soul from being violated (because your very HEART commanded you to do so). And THAT, my people, is how a Master works. Powerfully, Gently. Graciously. God-ly.

REMEMBER: You are loved beyond imagining.

from, August 10, 2021

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